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March News

Hello all,
Midway through my long, long tour and pretty tired and befuddled, but here's what's going on.

For those of you unable to get to the sold out Cardiff gig tonight, good news. I am recording my DVD at the Chapter Arts Centre on the 2nd April. Tickets are available here -
There are two shows, but a limited capacity so book soon. The DVD may be out this year and is being distributed into actual shops this time round, but you should still buy it from anyway because they deserve your money more than HMV.

Thanks to all those of you who have come to see the show so far. It's been a lot of fun from the 600+ who came to see me in Nottingham to the 100 people in the 1000-seater theatre in snowy Rhyl. There are plenty more opportunities to see me. Phone numbers and websites are at Don't leave it to the last minute for tickets. Several of these are selling out.
4th Cardiff - SOLD OUT
5th Reading - SOLD OUT
6th Andover
7th Manchester - SOLD OUT
8th Sutton Coldfield SOLD OUT
9th Cheltenham
10th Lincoln
11th Sheffield
12th Berwick upon Tweed
13th Glasgow
14th Edinburgh - nearly sold out
15th Perth - nearly sold out
16th Chorley
17th Kendal
18th Aldershot - nearly sold out
19th Fareham
20th Wolverhampton
24th Brighton
25th Colchester
26th Cambridge - nearly sold out
27th Southsea
28th Exeter - nearly sold out
29th Cheddar
31st Taunton
1st Penzance
2nd DVD record - Cardiff
3rd Norwich - nearly sold out
5th Leeds - nearly sold out
6th Leeds
10th Bridport
17th Whitby
18th Darlington
22nd Stockton on Tees
12th Liverpool

The Headmaster's Son DVD is now available (along with my other merch) from
The Collings and Herrin Best of Earth Wind and Fire* (*and water) CD (of mp3s) of special exclusive extra podcasts will be out very soon.

Andrew Collins in myself are currently sitting in for Adam and Joe on possibly doomed radio station 6Music. You can hear us at 10am every Saturday until the end of April (though not April 3rd)
We will be carrying on with the Collings and Herrin podcasts and fitting them into our busy schedules whenever we can - but the next one won't be til next week at the earliest.
You can buy Collings and Herrin T shirts here -;jsessionid=qhybge9hzm8v

I am also appearing in episode 3 of Matt Lucas's new show "And The Winner Is..." on Radio 2 at some point in March. Check your listings.

The Lyric comedy nights are continuing monthly until June. You can see details of line-ups and book tickets here - The next one is on March 21st and features Holly Walsh and at least two other excellent comedians.

My new book comes out on May 6th, but you can pre-order now from Waterstones here - - and get the chance to win the skateboard I used in "Oh Fuck I'm 40" as well as getting 4 pounds off the cover price. Just add the code DK4253 at the check-out. It would be great if you all got this on order before it comes out as that will help my chances of getting into the charts and thus getting the chance to do another one.

I am as always returning to the Fringe. We will be doing ten Collings and Herrin live podcasts at the 5 pounds Fringe and I am going to be reprising my 2001 show "Christ on a Bike" but rewritten with some new bits in it. I have decided to wait a year before writing another play, but it looks like we might put together a one off "AIOTM".

A second season of AIOTM (AIOTM) will be starting up in May.
The first six will be at the Leicester Square Theatre from May 17th- June 24th BOOK NOW at
And then the final two will be at the Bloomsbury theatre on 28th June and 5th July. At these gigs as well as getting to see the podcast I will also be doing a preview of my 2010 Edinburgh show (which is likely to be a reworking of the 2001 show "Christ on a Bike") You can already book tickets for those at - and bear in mind that the end of series show seems to be the most popular one to see.
As always the shows (though not Christ on a Bike obviously) will be available to download for free on iTunes or at the British Comedy Guide, but audience it's a whole lot more fun if you can make the live gigs and you'll also be helping to fund the show.
You can buy AIOTM T shirts here -

Due to facebook's policy of limiting number of friends I will be conducting what little business I do on this moribund social networking site via my fan page at So become a fan if you want to be kept up to date more often than once a month. You can also follow me on Twitter where I am @Herring1967 or if you want look me up on myspace and watch the tumbleweed.

All the best everyone. Thanks again for the support. It almost makes me feel like I am successful!

See you next month
RK Herring
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