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Collings and Herrin exclusive podcasts!

Hey all
For those of you who are pining for more Collings and Herrin podcasts GOOD NEWS!

Collings and Herrin: The Best of Earth Wind and Fire* is now available from those good folk at Go Faster Stripe.
It includes four exclusive and specially recorded podcasts (with unheard of studio sound quality) as well as a bonus Q&A session from our live Lincoln gig and audio book versions of some of our childhood stories (including Men of Phise and some previously unheard tales).
It is only available in old fashioned CD format, but to get halfway to being in the 21st Century all the material is in MP3 format so will glide seamlessly onto your computer/futuristic listening device.
It's only ten pounds (I PAID TEN POUNDS) for all this guff and if it sells well we will do some more of these bonus type things, though we will continue to dole out the free ones (the next one should be up on iTunes on Tuesday afternoon) and we're also continuing our Saturday morning 6Music show until at least the end of May, so there's a weekly podcast from that too.

To buy the CD please go to
where other excellent work and Andrew Collings' stupid audiobook are also available.

You've had well over 100 podcasts for free. Hope you won't mind paying for a few!

Lots of Love
RK Herring
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