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Richard Herring - Christmas gift ideas

Hello everyone,
It's late November which means the Christmas Season is well underway. If you are stuck for present ideas, then why not treat the whole family to some filthy, disgusting and controversial comedy. Your gran will love it.

My 90+ date tour of the UK begins on December 19th at the Leicester Square Theatre. You can book tickets for one of my 25 London gigs here -
From mid-February I will be on the road. It's already selling well so don't leave it until the last minute.

The DVD seems to be selling well and you can get it in the shops and everything. But if you want the third disc with bonus Collings and Herrin video podcast and lots more then buy it from go faster stripe -
If you bought the 2 disc DVD elsewhere (or if you don't want to see the show) you can now buy the third disc on its own -
All my other DVDs are available from the same site. Buy now and beat the VAT hike!

COLLINGS AND HERRIN: War and Peace, Crime and Punishment
As a follow up to our Earth, Wind, Fire * *(and water), Andrew Collings and I have again spent a day in Cardiff recording four brand new and exclusive podcasts in a studio and then a fifth one in front of some Welsh people in a Masonic Hall. These are all available on this disc, with the fifth podcast being filmed so you can see the mad look in Andrew's eyes. It's available to pre-order now and will be with you well before Christmas -

And don't forget you can still give someone you love a book about champagne bottles being put up my arse (and some other stuff - other stuff happening, not other stuff being put up my arse)
Available here -

The last Lyric Hammersmith comedy night of 2010 is on November 28th and stars Stephen Merchant, the actor Kevin Eldon, Imran Yusuf and Nat Luurtsema. All for as little as £10. There are less than 50 tickets left so book NOW -

My blog is about to celebrate (is that the right word?) its 8th anniversary. Eight years of blogging without a single day missed. What a waste of my life. Print it all up and give it to someone you don't like very much. It's the gift of laughter and boredom.
The Collings and Herrin podcasts continue to go out on a weekly basis - get them on iTunes or here -
There are 22 episodes of As It Occurs To Me to download from iTunes or here -
You can also follow me on Twitter and if you like send me pictures of yourself with your top off and then try to sell your story to the papers (good luck with that) at @Herring1967. I reserve the right to sell your topless photos to the tabloids.
I am also on Celebrity Mastermind on BBC1 over Christmas (and it's a cracker) and might be appearing on Mark Watson Kicks off on ITV4 soon as well as the last in the series of Russell Howard's Good News on BBC3. I have also recorded talking head appearances for Channel 4 Xmas shows about Peep Show and 2010's funniest moments.
I am also on BBC Radio7 on 14th December chatting to lovely Lucy Porter.
If you don't want to pay for Hitler Moustache you can try to win it here -
Or here (link not working at moment though) -

Have a very happy Christmas and thanks so much for all the support this year. It's been quite good.

Richard Herring
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