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Richard Herring - April 2011 News

Hello everyone
I am in Barrow in Furness. Bet you are jealous. Unless you are here as well, in which case you are in the same boat as me. I am midway through my 95+ date tour. It's been going really well. And then I arrived in Barrow in Furness. Where tens of people want to see me. The Cumbrians remain resistant to my charms it seems! No matter.

Thanks very much if you have come to see the show. There are still nearly 40 opportunities to catch it before I finally put it to bed forever (but a DVD will be coming out in a few months if you miss it).
They're all listed here -
Here are the April ones
Thu 31st March 2011 Barrow-in-Furness, The Nines 01229 821301
Sat 2nd April 2011 Saltburn Community Theatre, Hilarity Bites 01287 624622
Sun 3rd April 2011 Darlington, Hilarity Bites 01325 381238
Tue 5th April 2011 Cheddar, King's Theatre 01934 744939 ext 6
Wed 6th April 2011 Taunton Brewhouse 01823 283244
Thu 7th April 2011 Exeter Phoenix 01392 667080 SOLD OUT
Fri 8th April 2011 Cambridge Junction 01223 511 511 SOLD OUT
Sat 9th April 2011 Lincoln Performing Arts Centre 0844 888 4414
Sun 10th April 2011 Durham Gala Theatre 0191 332 4041
Mon 11th April 2011 Chester, The Laugh Inn 01244 401 626
Tue 12th April 2011 Salford Lowry 0843 208 6000 NEARLY SOLD OUT
Wed 13th April 2011 Nottingham Playhouse 0115 941 9419
Thu 14th April 2011 Luton Library Theatre 01582 547 474
Sat 16th April 2011 Barnsley Civic Theatre 0845 1800 363
Sun 17th April 2011 Harpenden, Harpenden Theatre 01582 767525
Mon 18th April 2011 Epsom Playhouse 01372 742555
Tue 19th April 2011 Salford Lowry 0843 208 6000 NEARLY SOLD OUT
Wed 20th April 2011 Runcorn, Cheshire, Brindley Arts Centre 0151 907 8360
Thu 21st April 2011 Colchester Arts 01206 500 900
Wed 27th April 2011 Andover The Lights 01264 368368
Thu 28th April 2011 Lowestoft, Marina Theatre (01502) 533200 ONLY 600 TICKETS LEFT
Fri 29th April 2011 Norwich Playhouse 01603 598598
Sat 30th April 2011 Norwich Playhouse 01603 598598
Sun 1st May 2011 Norwich Playhouse 01603 598598
Some of them are sold out or nearly sold out, so don't leave it til the last minute, though you should be fine in Lowestoft for example. Hopefully the Christians planning to protest against that show will make more people aware that it is happening. If you would like to see my support act of loony Christian characters (the humour is too broad for my taste - they are just unreal stereotypes that couldn't exist in real life) then my guess is you can see them at Bishop's Auckland, Lowestoft and probably Inverness. There were some fun ones in Glasgow. Here's their account of the evening -
Not all Christians have been dicks about it to be fair. Here's a great review from a more open minded member of the clergy -

I am recording the DVD of the show on May 18th at the Leicester Square Theatre. There's less than 100 seats left so book now -
It's also the last chance to see the show in London.
That night we will also be recording a Collings and Herrin live show (which will only appear on the DVD and not go up online). Book here
If you come to that as well you can get £10 off the ticket price. It's £15 for either show or £25 for both.
It should be a fun night, so don't miss out. BOOK NOW.

We are doing a third series which will be recorded every Monday from May 16th to June 20th at the Leicester Square Theatre.You can get tickets here -
Early ticket sales are good so do book ahead to ensure you get to take part in this award winning podcast. You get to shout out "Willies" at any point and also you get an exclusive 40 minutes of stand up that will not be available online. Plus you help to fund this unique and scatalogical enterprise.

I am, of course, returning to the Edinburgh Fringe. I am doing two shows this year, "What Is Love, Anyway?" at 8.30pm at the Cow Barn and "Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast" at 2.20pm at Stand 1. The podcasts will be available for free on the internet for those of you who can't make it to the greatest arts festival in the world, but if you come along you will get to interact and win prizes and tickets to other shows. It will be like a mixture of Collings and Herrin/ AIOTM and This Morning With Richard Not Judy without all those other annoying idiots wrecking it (though there will be guests and I hope Stewart Lee will come down for one or two). I think I might also be recording an episode of Richard Herring's Objective up there too. There is going to be a second series of that in the autumn anyway.
I will let you know as soon as the tickets are available to buy and where the best place to get them will be!
There are going to be lots of previews of "What Is Love, Anyway?" mainly around London, but also as far afield as Cardiff and Newcastle. Details to follow.

My book "How Not To Grow Up" is out in a new format paperback.
If you haven't read it yet, then why not give it a go. Only £5.49 on Amazon
Even cheaper on the Kindle -

Talking of the Kindle - you can now get my blog delivered to your futuristic device for a small fee (which as it stands will all be going to Amazon). It continues to be free on-line, but if you want to show your thanks and pay 7p a day for it then sign up here -
(first 14 days for free) I am only doing this because some people requested it. It won't make me any money and I won't start charging for my blog aside from this.

You can buy all my other merchandise at the brilliant "Go Faster Stripe" website -
They have recently also released brilliant DVDs from the actor Kevin Eldon and the comedian Andrew Collings. The money made from these DVDs is ploughed into making even more brilliant shows available, so please support them if you can.

Our 6Music, alas is no more, although I am very excited about the return of Adam and Joe to the slot that is rightfully theirs. But we're continuing to produce weekly podcasts, even when I am away on tour (by recording two at a time at every opportunity). Download them for free from or look us up on iTunes. I haven't seen his Mr Bean face for three weeks. I almost miss him. Almost.

If you're not following me on Twitter you have missed the already legendary Me 1 versus Me 2 snooker match. So follow me for more irritating fun and misery at @Herring1967
Or if you like Facebook (get with it grandad) then check out for regular updates (but no Me vs Me snooker).

That's the lot for now. I am very grateful for all your support as always. Do spread the good news to any of your friends. I'm not saying I'm Jesus...

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