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Richard Herring - July news

Hello everyone
I am about to turn 45 (can it really be five years since THAT show) and I am feeling alive.
Here's what's coming up in the next couple of months

It's the 25th anniversary of my first Edinburgh Fringe. But still I come back, dreaming that this might be the year I get discovered. Let's see.

My stand up show will be "Talking C*ck: The Second Coming" at the Udderbelly in Bristo Square on 1st-26th August at 8.15pm. Tickets View the poster here -
Book ahead for this, especially if you want to see one of the cheaper previews or the weekend shows.

I will be doing more Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts at Stand One in the afternoon with big name Fringe guests and future stars. No details on what guests will be appearing on which days, but they'll all be ace so take a punt
Dates and prices are
Preview Aug 2 16:10 (1hr) £9.00(£8.00) Aug 3-12,14-27 14:15 (1hr) £10.00(£9.00)

If you can't make it up to Edinburgh you might be able to catch Talking C*ck in preview.
Most of them are in London, but you can also see it in Nottingham, Newbury, Banbury, Tring, Cambridge, Colchester, Leicester, Bristol, Salisbury, Cardiff and Newcastle.
All dates are here -
If you're in London the gigs at the Udderbelly on the 4th and Balham on the 8th should be stonkers and they are both selling fast, so book now.
Here's the full list
3rd Chiswick
4th Udderbelly- South Bank
5th Nottingham Glee Club
6th New Greenham Arts
7th Milfield Arts Centre
8th Balham Festival
9th Tabard, Chiswick
10th West Hampstead
11th Chapel, Islington
13th Greenwich Festival
14th Tring
15th Pleasance, London
17th Junction Cambridge
19th Leicester
20th Walthamstow
21st Tobacco Factory Bristol
22nd Salisbury
23rd Happy Mondays, East Dulwich
24th Vauxhall
27th/28th Chapter Arts, Cardiff
29th Live Theatre Newcastle

And never fear if you can't make it to the previews or the Fringe because I will be doing a massive tour between October 2012 and June 2013 which is almost certain to come near to you. I have been adding the gigs as they're confirmed to the Talking Cock pages here -
But there are lots more to add in still, so don't fret if your town isn't up there yet. Some of them are close to selling out already so do book ahead. I promise to stay alive until the end of the tour. That's a Richard Herring guarantee!

For my forthcoming Edinburgh show and answer to the Va-gina Monologues I am setting up another anonymous pen-is based questionnaire - there are questions for men and for women and the more people who take part the better - so let me know your answers and spread the word
The men's questionnaire is here -
The women's questionnaire is here -

Thanks to everyone who came to see the Leicester Square Theatre Podcasts. They seemed to go down very well and I am going to do more in October and November. If you want to hear me chatting at length to Tim Minchin, Jonathan Ross, Charlie Brooker, Stewart Lee, Armando Iannucci and many more great comics then it's all free at the British Comedy Guide -
or iTunes -
I also recorded a 14th frame of Me1 vs Me2 snooker last month. That's up in the usual places for the dedicated few still following it.

I am recording some TV stuff this month too. On the 12th I'll be taking part in the TV version of the brilliant "Set List". This will be broadcast on Sky Atlantic at some point in the future. on the 16th I will be recording a set for Al Murray's "One Night Stand" at the Shepherd's Bush Empire for Dave (not sure when it will be on TV, but once it is it will probably be on all the time). If you're smart and use the internet you can probably find a website offering you free tickets to see these shows. I just want to be on the telly.

We've nearly finished work on the latest gofasterstripe DVD which will be packed with extras including interviews, blogs, adolescent poetry and an exclusive filmed Me1 vs Me2 snooker frame. It will hopefully be on sale in the next couple of months exclusively from

TALKING C*CK - The book
Chris Evans (not that one) has taken another massive punt with his hard-earned money to print up 3000 copies of the 2003 book "Talking C*ck" (we've sold about 70 so far). There's loads of stuff that isn't in the show and pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the penis - Buy it exclusively here -
Ebury may be bringing this out as an ebook at some point, but they will get all the money for that, so go old school and buy it from Chris Evans who will use your money to make more stupid, obscure comedians' DVDS.

Chris Evans (not that one) has started to release some of my and other comedians shows as downloads at really cheap prices. So far you can get The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace, Someone Likes Yoghurt and menage a un.
You can get all these and other shows on DVD from the same website - and you get loads of extras if you live in the past and buy hard copies.

My weekly column for the Metro continues. You can read them here -

As always, lovely if you want to pay for stuff, but there's plenty of free s*it (spit) in there too. If you can't afford (or don't want) to part with money then that's cool with me. I would very much appreciate you spreading the word about what I do to others though. Either people you think might like it or people who won't that you want to annoy. Try telling them that the snooker is really worth sticking with, but only if you listen to it all from the start. Ha ha ha.
Have a great summer and if you're competing in the Olympics I hope you win a bronze medal.

Richard Herring
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