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Ho Ho Ho
It's Chriiiiissssttmmaass. And what Jesus came to Earth to teach us was that it's time to eat, drink and buy loads of stuff so that we can better remember the poor and the hungry. I think that's what he said. But he definitely said, "Buy ye the DVDs of the Herring" Ian 12:11. So if you want him to have a happy birthday then do as I say. I mean he says. I am not saying that I am Jesus....

The four DVD set of Fist of Fun series 2 and loads of extras is no available from Go Faster Stripe. The original print run went wrong so disc 4 was the same as disc 3, but that's all sorted now (and if you bought early then the 4th disc should be with you already) - You can get it here -

And if you haven't got the equally packed series 1 DVD set yet, then you can get that here -

My latest solo DVD is also out and it's the perfect Christmas (and Valentine's) gift. What is Love, Anyway? has loads of extras, including a filmed frame of Me1 vs Me2 snooker. Get it here -

TALKING C*CK - the book
Who wouldn't want to wake up on Christmas morning to find a c*ck in their stocking? Make everyone's dreams come true by purchasing the book of the show, which goes into loads more detail and has even more stuff from the survey.

WARMING UP: Volume 2 - The Box Lady and Other Pesticles
We're rushing to get this out for Christmas. It will be available in paper book form from but will be on kindle too. Hopefully out in the second week of December.

There are still a few tickets left for my gigs in Newbury on Thursday and Windsor on Friday. But there are loads more gigs in the new year and they're selling well, so book ahead and buy tickets for all your friends for Christmas -
All details are here -

I have completed ten years of consecutive entries of my blog. I intend to continue. But if you want to help me celebrate this achievement and make a donation for the two to three million words that I have written, I am asking people to make a donation to SCOPE (ten pounds seems apt, but any amount is welcome) at
Read the 10th anniversary blog here -
If you are too lazy to read then you can listen to me reading the blogs for you here -

There is one more chance to see this podcast being recorded on 3rd December at 8pm at the Leicester Square Theatre where my guest will be Russell Howard. Buy tickets here -
But you can listen to all the podcasts for free (this week we're releasing a bonus extra of the stand up I did before the Adam Buxton podcast) at the British Comedy Guide -
or on iTunes -
I've really enjoyed these. Hopefully we'll be back with more in May 2013. Do spread the word if you think your friends would like them too.

These podcasts continue, with a couple of controversial changes. If you're not listening then you are missing out on my finest work - (also on iTunes)

I am performing at all of these (I think), though I think they're all sold out.

I have completed pilot scripts of Ra Ra Rasputin for TV and Gorgeous for radio and am waiting to hear what the powers that be make of them. The Rasputin meeting is tomorrow and I know they want some rewrites, but it's looking positive. I will keep you informed.

I hope you all have a really happy Christmas and that Santa brings you everything you want. Thanks for all your support through yet another year. I really appreciate it. I couldn't carry on doing all this rubbish if it wasn't for you.

Rich Herring
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