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February Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of 2013
How's it going for you so far?
Really, that's interesting. Well enough about you. Here's what I am doing?

My national tour recommences towards the end of February. A few dates are already close to selling out including Fareham, Salford, Leeds, Reading, Sutton Coldfield and Shrewsbury so BOOK NOW for those. But most dates selling well so don't leave it late. As long as the tour sells well I can keep doing all the free stuff, so do spread the word to anyone you think might be interested.
All the dates are here -
As always if I am not coming to your town it's because your theatre didn't book me, so ask them to do so next time.

The second in my collection of blogs with added hindsight reminiscences is now available either as a kindle book - (if you're on Amazon Prime then you can borrow it for free)
or as an actual olde-time booke from go faster stripe - (only 400 copies have been printed and it's unlikely that we'll print up any more so this could be a real collector's item - you know if one day I become successful).
Once again if these books sell enough copies I will put together a third volume
You can buy volume 1 Bye Bye Balham either as a kindle book - or an actual book -
If you like reading and also male genitalia then why not also buy the book of Talking C*ck -

If you donate £20 to SCOPE via my justgiving page - - and then email me your address to, I will send you a signed copy of every single SCOPE programme that I've produced. That's 2003 Talking Cock tour, 2004 12 Tasks of Hercules Terrace, 2005 Someone Likes Yoghurt, 2006 menage a un, 2007 Oh Fuck I'm 40, 2008 The Headmaster's Son, 2009 Hitler Moustache, 2010 Christ on a Bike, 2011 What is Love Anyway and 2012 Talking Cock. There are only very limited numbers of the menage a un and Hercules programme left so if lots of people take up this offer (which they won't) then you might not get those two, but if you're quick you will. That's (up to) 10 programmes for £20 (including p&p) and all the money will got to SCOPE. I'll even chuck in signed flyers for nearly all those shows as well. But please order quickly as soon I'll be off on tour and won't have the time. I can dedicate them to you or a friend and will send them to whatever address you wish. If you live outside of the UK please donate a little bit more for postage.

Fist of Fun series 2 is now out on DVD with tons of extras. You can only buy it from gofasterstripe who invested a huge amount of money in this. Buy it here -
You can get Fist of Fun series 1 here -
My latest DVD "What is Love, Anyway?" is also now available and includes many extras including the only filmed Me1 vs Me2 snooker frame in existence -
Check out the rest of the site while you're there. There are all kinds of brilliant comedy products from some of the UK's most exciting comedians.

I have completed a second draft of the pilot script for this BBC sitcom and am still waiting to hear what the powers that be think of it.

I have written a radio version of this gorge based sitcom, but again have not had any feedback as yet.

There will be a new series of Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast starting in May. I don't know who the guests will be yet. The 16 I've already done are available here - (or on iTunes).
I continue to record Warming Up as a daily podcast - (or itunes)
Foolishly I am also planning to continue with Me1 vs Me2 snooker - (or iTunes)

I have been writing a column for the Metro newspaper every week for almost a year now. It's in the paper every Friday or you can read previous ones here -

In other news my wife and I have bought some rescued kittens from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They are called Lion-o and Smithers and they're a right pair of idiots.

All the best
Richard Keith Herring
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