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Richard Herring - July news

Hello all
Apologies - a ghost in the machine just sent out the PS to my last newsletter for a second time. I have had the people responsible sacked. And then murdered.
But it reminded me to get you up to speed with what's coming up in July and beyond

My new stand up show will be premiering at the Pleasance Beyond at 8pm from 31st July - 25th August. You can buy tickets here - - get those 2 for 1 and weekend tickets now as they're selling fast
This year instead of paying for lamp post ads which cost a fortune and just annoy people (in my opinion) I am spending that money on producing a free DVD called "10" (this is my tenth solo show) which is a best of compilation of all my favourite routines from the previous 9 shows, me discussing each show and a reading of one of the blogs that inspired "We're All Going To Die!" This will be given free to everyone who comes to see the show at the Fringe. It's over 140 minutes of comedy for free, on top of the hour you will be seeing live. We will be selling a limited number of these DVDs at when they are ready for those of you who can't make the show (and because it's ended up costing us £1500 more than we expected) and (I think) the DVD will retail for £12 (almost the same price as the ticket to the show!)
I explain the motivation here -
Everyone who has already contributed to the 2013 SCOPE fund will be sent a free copy of the DVD along with their limited edition programme.
I am doing lots of previews in July: all details are here -

29th Camden SOLD OUT
2nd Walthamstow
3rd Udderbelly South Bank
4th Kennington
6th Farringdon and Camden
8th St Albans
10th Braintree
11th Hitchin
13th Aylesbury
14th Babington House Somerset
15th Bristol
16th Croydon
17th Islington
18th Stockwell and Brixton
19th Battersea Arts Centre
20th Peterborough
21st Latitude and Pleasance London
22nd Brighton
23rd Spitalfields
25th Pleasance London
26th Bluewater and Ealing
27th Kent and Stockton festivals (long drive!)
28th Newcastle

There is also a tour planned for after Edinburgh, including six nights at the Leicester Square Theatre in October -
All the 2013 gigs are listed in the gig guide. I will add the 2014 ones when I get a second.

I am also doing another run of the Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts at Stand One at 2.10pm on 31st July, 2nd-26th August (not 12th)
You can buy tickets here -
No guests confirmed yet, but aiming for big names and Sarah Millican, Rob Delaney, Christian O Connell and Susan Calman already in the frame.

Thanks so much to all those of you who have downloaded or come to see my Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. It's been an amazing run and not just because of the amazing and heart-breaking Stephen Fry episode. We're recording two more podcasts on 1st July where my guests will be Isy Suttie from Peep Show and Sean Hughes - book here -
And there are already some very exciting possibilities for the autumn run.
You can download all the audio versions for FREE from the British Comedy Guide - or iTunes -
But if everyone who listened bought just one episode of the video podcasts we'd be able to fund so much more fantastic, inventive and uncensored comedy. Go to where you can buy individual episodes or the increasingly stupidly good-value series pass which will give you access to ten video podcasts (including the Mach Fest one we did with Pappys) I think we might have included too many podcasts in the series pass for us to make much money from it (as we have to pay for each download), but what the hey!? It's a glorious experiment and I am really grateful to those who've contributed. It's pretty good value. Less than a pound an hour I believe.
We are hoping to bring out a DVD of the series for those of you who can't or won't download, but it'll be quite a few discs.
Any profits will be used to fund future projects. I really would like to keep doing these without sponsorship or using a PR firm and if all the listeners made a contribution we'd be able to do this. But if you can't afford to pay please just pass on the word about the podcasts to your friends.

One of my new ambitious money-losing internet projects is a paid video download only monthly stand up show called "Richard Herring's Meaning of Life". I will explore a different subject every month (with new material, even when I have covered subject in one man shows) and it will be filmed by gofasterstripe and it will be just like a TV show. Except it won't be on TV. You can buy (very cheap) tickets if you want to see it live - There will be different ways to contribute financially to this. It will take up a lot of time as it's going to be scripted, learned and edited down, so this is a big commitment. I hope you will be able to support it. We will try to put some extras or extracts out as a free audio podcast as well, but obviously I can't expect the team of people required to work for free, even if (as in all likelihood) I will end up doing so.

I really enjoyed recording the recent episodes of this classic Radio 4 show. I played the game the best I have ever managed in the latest one -

Chris Evans (not that one) is putting the final touches to the DVD of this show. It should be out in July or maybe August - I will let you know.

Talking Cock, RHLSTP, RHEFP, Me 1 vs Me 2 Snooker, AIOTM, Collings and Herrin -
Warming Up -
All available on iTunes. All free.



Still no firm news on this, I am afraid. It begins to look like it might go the way of all that has gone before it. But as long as I have breath in my body then there is still hope

Have a great July folks. Hope you don't get sent this again in a fortnight!
Richard Keith Herring
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