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Programme postal service and Warm Ups for new show

Hey everyone,
Hope you're having a good summer.

I have about twelve boxes of Talking Cock show programmes to get rid of. If anyone wants a signed programme or 5 then please send a stamped addressed A4 envelope and a cheque for at least £1 per programme made payable to "SCOPE" (the more you donate, the quicker I will get round to sending it to you - SCOPE is the charity which I ran the Marathon for) to
Richard Herring
PO Box 48323
W12 8YY
(this is also my new snail mail address, but please contact me by email if possible for other things)

I have looked into what stamps you will need to put on your envelope. Here are the 2nd class rates.
1 programme - 35p
2 programmes - 47p
3 programmes - 71p
4 programmes - 83p
5 programmes - 94p
6 programmes - £1.14

I don't think you'll get more than 6 in a envelope. You are welcome to have more, but just send more stamped addressed envelopes. Maximum order will be 4000 programmes.

The first few people to respond will also receive a free rare signed programme from Punk's Not Dead and Playing Hide and Seek With Jesus (and apologies if that messes up the postal rates!)

If you would like a signed copy of "Talking Cock" then please send a cheque for £12 (including p&p) made payable to "Richard Herring" to the same address. You can get these cheaper elsewhere and then get me to sign them at a gig though.

Here are details of my previews for my new show "The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace". Please note that these are try out shows and will not be complete final versions of the piece. Anyone wishing to see something close to the complete show should come to the gigs later in July or to the Fringe itself.

21st June 2004 at 9.15pm -
Jackson's Lane Theatre
269a Archway Road
N6 5AA
Tel 020 8341 4421

24th June 2004 at 8pm -
The Space
269 West Ferry Road
Isle of Dogs
E14 3RS
Tel 020 7515 7799

1st July 2004 at 8pm
The Space
Tel 020 7515 7799

2nd July 2004 at 9.30pm
Latchmere Theatre
503 Battersea park Road
SW11 3BW
Tel 020 7978 7040

12th July 2004 at 8pm
King's Head Theatre
115 Upper St
N1 1QN
Tel - 020 7226 1916

15th July 2004 at 8pm
The Space
Tel 020 7515 7799

18th July 2004 at 8pm
Warehouse Theatre,
Dingwall Rd
Tel 0208 680 4060

21st July 2004 at 8pm
Jackson's Lane Theatre
Tel 020 8341 4421

22nd July 2004
Double header with Stewart Graham Lee.
The Amused Moose- Soho
17 Greek Street,
Box Office 020 8341 1341

23rd July 2004 at 8pm
West End Centre,
Queens Road
GU11 3JD
Tel 01252 330040

24th July 2004 at 8pm
Latchemere Theatre
Tel 020 7978 7040

25th July 2004 at 9.15pm
King's Head Theatre
Tel - 020 7226 1916

26th July 2004 at 8pm
Jackson's Lane Theatre
Tel 020 8341 4421

28th July 2004 at 9.15pm
Riverside Studios
Crisp Road
W6 9RL
Box Office 020 8237 1111

And in Edinburgh I will be at The Pod, Deco 4 from 4th - 29th August (except 17 Aug) at 8.30pm.
Box Office 08707 557 705

If you live outside of Edinburgh, London or Aldershot then I am hoping to tour the show over the next year and already have gigs confirmed in Colchester, Derby and Bangor. Contact your local theatre and ask them to book me if you want to see it in a town nearer to you.

You can read about my adventures so far at

Come and say after the show and let me know what you think of it. Please book ahead to avoid/ensure disappointment.
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