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June newsletter

Hello everyone,
Edinburgh is approaching and that means it's a chance for you to see my new show in an "experimental" stage. To be honest it's a lot further forward than my shows have been at this stage previously. I have a very good feeling about it. If you come along do email me and let me know what you think.
I have also been having lots of meetings about various projects and the good news is that the BBC have green-lighted a sit-com script from me (which doesn't mean it will be made, just that they will pay me to write one episode). It's provisionally called "You Can Choose Your Friends..." It's about a family. It's more interesting than it sounds!

Anyway, here are the gigs I am doing this month. For more details please check the gig guide at
They will be stand up gigs unless otherwise stated. I only have about three Hercules gigs left before that show is over, so try to catch it if you can (NB the July gigs in Newcastle have been postponed for the moment I am afraid). Also new gigs may be added during the month so keep an eye on the website.

1st June Islington
2nd June Lincoln
3rd June Albany, London
7th June Swansea University
8th June Etcetera Theatre, London (Someone Likes Yoghurt)
9th June Comedy Candy, Stoke Newington
10th/11th June Chiswick Ha Bloody Ha
12th June Etcetera Theatre, London (Someone Likes Yoghurt)
13th June Camberwell (Someone Likes Yoghurt)
15th June Taunton
16th June Hammersmith
17th June Jersey (HERCULES)
19th June Wells
22nd June Hammersmith
23rd June Islington
25th June Abergavenny (HERCULES)
28th June Battersea (Someone Likes Yoghurt)
29th June Camden (Someone Likes Yoghurt)
30th June Luton (Someone Likes Yoghurt)

Other news
After a month's break I will be back on the Andrew Colling's show on 6Music on Sunday afternoon's at about 3pm. It's a lot of fun, so do tune in.

"Back in the Day", the nostalgia quiz is now being broadcast on weekday afternoons at 4pm. I am in about a quarter of the shows. Try and tell from my mood whether the one you are watching is the one we shot first, second or third on the day of filming!

I think that's all for now. Please spread the word about my gigs.
Thanks to all of you who gave donations for my programme. I am overwhelmed by the response. You should be receiving your special limited edition programmes some time in July

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