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Richard Herring July news

Hello everyone,
Well, I am working up to Edinburgh and unusually the new show is pretty much up and runnning already!
Tickets are already for sale for the Edinburgh run at
and are already selling well, so please do book in advance to ensure a seat. Especially for the first few days when tickets are cheap and so demand is greater. I've got a good feeling about this year....
This is a secret, but if you're up in the last week I might be doing some extra late night shows at the Pleasance, including at least one which will be "Just the Yoghurt" in which I try to make the yoghurt routine last as long as possible, with a prize for anyone who can sit through the whole show. There will be an email with more details nearer the time.
I am sure the show will change some in the coming month, but if you can't make the Fringe then you might like to try and catch it at one of the previews this month.
These are the gigs I have in July - check for full details and do keep an eye on the web page as I will doubtless add a few extra gigs this month if I get offered them. Come to any of the yoghurt gigs and you get a free programme! Also the last Hercules gig is happening on the 9th in Cheltenham. The show is getting better every time I do it, so it's your last chance to see what all the lack of fuss has been about.

2nd July Bristol (YOGHURT) - Obviously this is the same day as the Live8 gig and so ticket sales are suffering a bit (for my show, not Bob's one surprisingly, even though I warned him not to try and take me on), so if you hate music and poor people then please do make it down to this gig!
5th July Faringdon (STAND UP)
6th July Soho (YOGHURT)
11th July Liverpool (YOGHURT)
15th July Battersea (YOGHURT)
16th July Soho (YOGHURT)
17th July Nottingham (YOGHURT)
19th July Manchester (STAND UP)
20th July Pleasance London (Yoghurt)
21st July Colchester (YOGHURT)
25th July Wimbledon (YOGHURT)
27th July Hammersmith (YOGHURT)
28th July Wimbledon (YOGHURT)
29th July Bedford (STAND UP)
30th July Red Rose (YOGHURT)

TV and Radio
I believe there are still a few episodes of "Back in the Day" still left to run. It's on Channel 4 on weekdays at 4pm. I appear in about one in four of them. Watch and see how annoyed I get with Arabella Weir.

I continue to appear on the Andrew Colling's show on 6Music every Sunday at 3pm. I talk about the Sunday papers, but essentially it's just an excuse for Andrew and me to be puerile and giggle. See here for details -
Or listen again to the last week's show at this location -
(There are clickable links to all these things at

Have a lovely July
Richard K Herring
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