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Edinburgh - extra shows

Dear all
Edinburgh is going very nicely, thanks for asking, and I am having lots of fun and only offending a small amount of people. My show "Someone Likes Yoghurt" is on til the 29th at 8pm at the Pleasance, so do come along if you can.

As promised I am also doing three performances only of "Just the Yoghurt!" in which I attempt to make my yoghurt routine last as long as is humanly possible. This will be tedious and hilarious in equal measure and hopefully will be a proper Fringe experience. It's at the Pleasance Besides at 11.05pm on 24th,25th and 27th August (not in the same venue as my other show). It's only 80 seats so book today to avoid or ensure disappointment (tickets should be on sale imminently). Call 0131 556 6550 to book. Make sure you specify which show you want to see. I'd come and see them both if I was you.

Hope you can make it along
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