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Banter recordings - free tickets!

TV Recordings are pleased to announce that tickets have just been released
for BANTER, a brand-new panel show for BBC Radio 4, hosted by Andrew
Collins, the film editor for Radio Times and host of Radio 2's The Day The
Music Died.

Regular panellists will include comedians:

Richard Herring - BBC2's Fist of Fun Radio 4's On The Hour Russell Howard - BBC Radio 1's The Milk Run, "One of the hottest comedians
in the country" The Mirror
Will Smith - BBC1's The Stand Up Show, Channel 4's The 11 O'clock Show

As well as the regular panellists, BANTER will feature guest appearances
from a selection of the nation's finest and best-loved comedy talent.

In BANTER, panellists with a sense of humour have it out with each other to
come up with their definitive "top threes" in categories covering anything
from science to cinema, and from playwrights to Playstation.

It's a show for everyone who's ever debated subjects such as:
· Who are the 3 most influential women of the 20th century?
· Who is the greatest sitcom character of all time?
And perhaps even more importantly...
· What are the 3 best chocolate bars, ever?

Recordings will take place at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on the
following dates:

Mon 12 Dec 05 (Doors open at 18.45)
Tue 13 Dec 05 (Doors open at 18.45)
Mon 09 Jan 06 (Doors open at 18.45)
Mon 23 Jan 06 (2 shows 17.15 and 19.45)
Mon 30 Jan 06 (Doors open at 18.45)

To book tickets please log on to
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