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Richard Herring April News

Dear All
Here's what's coming up
The big news is that I have committed myself to yet another Edinburgh Fringe. This year I will be playing at the Underbelly and my show is called "menage a un" (insert your own accents. I can't do them on here). There will be more details about that in the coming months. Hope you can make it along.

GIGS (see gig guide at for more details)_

TONIGHT - I am performing Someone Likes Yoghurt tonight (30th March) at the Midland Arts Centre in Birmingham. box Office number 0121 440 3838. It's selling well but still some seats available so do book ahead to avoid disappointment

1st April - Kingston - hour of stand up (old and new)
9th April - Rotherham - stand up
17th April - London - fortnight club - new material night.
21st April - Camberwell - first ropey preview of my new Edinburgh show "menage a un"
27th April - Greenwich - hour of stand up
28th April - Cambridge "Someone Likes Yoghurt"
29th April - Bristol - stand up

I will probably be trying to get some more stand up spots to road test new stuff so keep an eye on the gig guide this month. A few of the gigs do not have details up yet, but they will be there soon.

The good news is that Radio 4 have commissioned a new series of Banter. We will be recording this later in the year and I will send you details of how to get tickets.
There is also a new series of "That Was Then, This Is Now" starting in September. We are recording a couple of the shows in July and again there will be an email coming soon telling you how to get tickets.
I continue to review the papers on the Andrew Collings show on 6 Music at around 3pm every Sunday.
On 20th April I will be recording a spot on Radio 4's "Political Animal" - not sure how you get tickets or when it will be on the radio, but will look into this and details will be up on the site soon.
Also keep an ear open for "28 Acts in 28 Minutes" which I recorded 60 seconds for last week. Not sure when it's on, but it's a really fun show.

I am currently writing a comedy drama for Channel 4. It is progressing very slowly. But hopefully I will have something together by the end of the month.
I am waiting to hear whether the pilot of my sit-com for the BBC "You Can Choose Your Friends" is to be filmed. Keep everything crossed.
I am also waiting to hear if the BBC want to me to write a pilot script for a Marathon based comedy drama called "The Whole 26 miles, 365 Yards".

I will be filming a short film called "Hard To Swallow" in the first week of April. I play a mashed potato eating man. Don't know how/when/if this will be released, but it's got a great cast so I don't know how I ended up in it!

The DVD of the first 6 episodes of Time Gentlemen Please will be released on DVD on May 8, priced £19.99 (or maybe £14.99 - seems to be some dispute). If it sells well then hopefully they will release the other 31 episodes so please buy it.

The tour version of "Grumpy Old Women" starring Jenny Eclair, Dillie Keen and Linda Robson, which I have script editted starts its mammoth sprawl across the country this month too. Some of the dates have already sold out, so do book ahead if you want to see this. It's really good. You can get tickets here

Despite my new year's resolution to not write my weblog so obsessively I have still done it every day so far. You can catch up on my lack of adventures at

I think that's it for the moment. There's quite a lot going on as you can see, so maybe I should spend a bit less time playing poker on the internet and a bit more time getting all this stuff done.
So I'd better sign off. Though to be honest I'm just about to get in the bath.
Richard Keith Herring
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