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July news

Hello everyone
Everything is gearing up for the Edinburgh Fringe.
If you are going to be in Auld Reekie in August then do come along and see me. You can book in advance at this address
or if things are sold out there then ring the Underbelly itself on 0870 745 3083. Do book ahead especially if you want to come on a Friday or Saturday or if you want to take advantage of the cheaper earlier tickets.

I am doing plenty of previews (mainly in London) in July. These are the basics. Check for full details

GIGS: All menage a un preview gigs, unless otherwise indicated.
5th July Canal Cafe
11th July RADA
12th July Canal Cafe - special 39th birthday show.
13th July Battersea Arts Centre
15th July East Harptree, Bristol
17th July Kingston
19th July Liverpool
20th July Too2Much
21st July Ealing Festival - stand up
21st July Wimbledon
22nd July Red Rose, London
23rd July Croydon
24th July New Cross
26th July Betsy Trotswood
27th July Kew
29th July Too2Much Soho

Keep an eye on the website as I will hopefully add more gigs during the month.

We are recording the first two episodes of series two of "That Was Then, This Is Now" for Radio 2 on 10th July at the Bush Hall on the Uxbridge Rd in Shepherd's Bush. You might still be able to book tickets for it here -

I think the 28 acts in 28 minutes that I did will be on Radio 4 soon. Maybe this week. Sorry don't have details.

I am waiting to hear whether we are going to get the green light for "You Can Choose Your Friends" for the BBC. My gut feeling is that we won't, so steel yourself for bad news!
I am still writing my script for Channel 4 and am now 3 months behind the original deadline with very little done. I am rubbish.
I might be recording a show for ITV 2 this month where I help a rubbish best man write a good speech for a wedding. I don't know when it will be on or if I will do it. But they keep offering me more money so I might have to!

Thanks to all those of you who donated. We have not only covered the cost of the programmes, but have made over £2000 profit already before a single post gig collection. You can still donate at and if you do it in the next couple of days I can probably sneak your name into the programme. So get on with it! You guys who have given already, I have to tell you that you are amazing.Truly! I am currently labouring to make sure the programme itself has content good enough to justify your generosity.

I think that's it for the moment. Please spread the word about the Edinburgh show. Things are looking good for it at the moment and I am hopeful it should be an entertaining show that will win the Daily Telegraph Worst Comedy Experience of 2006.

Have a nice July
I hope the England win the World Cup, unless you're supporting another team in which case I hope they win instead.

Don't forget you can keep up with all my adventures at
Get out in the sun and enjoy your young lives
Rich H
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