Chortle Legend of Lockdown

Richard Herring is the latest winner of a Chortle Award for being a Legend Of Lockdown.

The already prolific comedian has stepped up his output even further during the pandemic, by launching the sketch series Twitch Of Fun, with the aid of his 128 year-old ventriloquist’s doll Ally.

He has also continued to produce his hit interview series Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast on video and audio, written his daily Warming Up blog, as well as charting his more solitary activities: playing snooker against himself and setting himself the impossible task of clearing all the stones from a field near his home.

And that’s as well as taking part in other gigs, publishing his book The Problem With Men and, of course, won Taskmaster…

Here are just some of your many comments commending him:

  • Stepping up to the plate long before almost anyone else. Investing his own money in gear to provide quality broadcasts from home. Donating a lot of his earnings to support struggling artists and/or venues. Consistently producing content week-in week-out for FREE and none of this £8 for a half-assed show shonkily broadcast from a laptop cam and stalling internet connection in a broom cupboard. I could go on… John Bone

  • He has delivered solid gold comedy night and day throughout Covid. Honestly, he’s made an unbearable year seem almost worth the pain, just to see him getting in-offs on his regulation snooker board, and marvel at his woke-eschewing puppets. He’s like marmite; you either love him, hate him, or you can take him or leave him. Hero of lockdown. Steven Burnett

  • Richard’s prodigious output during the Covid pandemic has made such a positive difference… My father died suddenly in October and I have been regularly travelling between home in Nottinghamshire and my parents’ home in Wales. Very, very grim times but having so much wonderful content from Richard to distract me on the long journeys and lonely days isolating at home has been nothing short of a blessing. As well as that, Richard’s fundraising support for other comedians and comedy venues during incredibly tough economic times must also be recognised and rewarded. Richard is an absolute star.  Huw Lynd-Evans

  • Easily the most inventive and hilarious comedian on the internet. He has provided quality entertainment throughout the lockdown, for free despite many concerned but unenlightened fans thinking he was having some kind of breakdown. Richard’s output is currently bordering on genius David Robinson

  • He’s documented a mans slide into insanity better than anyone in these crazy times  Phil Evans

Full article and acceptance speech here