Interview with Welcome to Yorkshire

Interview with Richard Herring

Where’s your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire?

I love all of Yorkshire, as it is the county of my birth, so it’s very hard to choose. But I had a lovely break in York with the family last year and the people at the York Chocolate Story recognised me from Taskmaster and gave me a free bar of chocolate. So for that reason alone (as well as being a long suffering fan of the football team) I will say that York is the best!

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Yorkshire?

There’s a lovely French restaurant in Leeds called Pret A Manger, which I usually visit before gig there.

Have you ever travelled to Yorkshire for sport – if so, tell us a bit about those trips?

I have come up a few times to watch York City play and one time I did a gig for the club and in return I got to have a box at Bootham Crescent (which conveniently faced the car park) and to walk out to the centre circle before the match and was within touching distance of York City legend Richard Brodie. I also interviewed Jon Parkin for RHLSTP in 2019, a terrific player, very funny man and gives anyone with a bit of a gut hope that they might one day be able to play in the National League!

What sort of accommodation do you prefer to use when performing?

These days I am pretty much straight down the line Premier Inns. You know what you’re getting and you’re really only there to sleep so it’s not worth getting anything fancier. If it’s good enough for Lenny Henry…

Will you get a chance to go sightseeing while back in Yorkshire?

Very unlikely, which is a shame as I would really like more free chocolate. I will see the Pret A Manger in Leeds and the City Varieties is beautiful enough and has enough history to count as sightseeing. Might try and get to the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield. Just to confirm that my childhood is now history.

Anything in particular you’d like to see?

I think I am due a visit to Pocklington, where I was born and lived until I was 4. But last time I went I didn’t remember anything. To be fair half a century has gone by (though not sure that will mean many changes in Pocklington)

While fans wait for your dates in Yorkshire, where can they hear from you?

The podcast, RHLSTP goes out weekly, wherever you get your podcasts and there will be more episodes of my podcast about having testicular cancer  Can I Have My Ball Back? (also a book). And my esoteric podcasts about stone clearing, snooker and ventriloquism usually come out weekly too.

With that, we ended our delightful chat with Richard Herring, a true comedic icon and an endless source of laughs. Catch him at Leeds City Varities on 14th October, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to shout “RHLSTP!” like the cool kids do.