SGFringe review of RHEFP

Richard HerringÂ’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

Richard HerringÂ’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast
The Stand Comedy Club
2:15pm (run ends 27th August)

On one hand I am a fan of Richard Herring, on the other hand I am a big fan of comedy podcasts. Put those hands together and you have either a big crushed sticky mess or you have a show called Richard HerringÂ’s Comedy Podcast. It all depends of the size of the hands. This analogy may have fallen apart but the show today did not.

The show is anarchic and weirdly comforting. These themes were physically manifested in Richard HerringÂ’s jizz-stained jogging bottoms and yesterdayÂ’s t-shirt ensemble. The bulk of the show was inhabited by Peacock and Gamble, comprised of the comedians Rape E. Cock (real name Ian Boldsworth) and Ed Gamble with a short stand up spot by Catie Wilkins.

I have a confession to make: I did not actually laugh out loud. I smiled a lot, but I fell short of actually laughing. The nature of any unscripted show dictates that some parts may flag; some well worn comedic avenues get travelled down, but often comedy risks are taken which result in some memorable moments, laugh out loud or not. Those potential moments are worth seeing this show alone for, which I am sure, will be an often occurring phenomenon under the able shepherding of Richard Herring.