Skinny review RHEFP

Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

4/5 stars
Reviewing what is ostensibly a daily chat show is tricky, both due to its constant format yet variable ingredients. However, with Fringe stalwart Richard Herring at the helm there’s a built-in reliability to the ticket price which guarantees a certain level of cameraderie, bragadoccio, and downright good fun. Back again for another run of his Edinburgh Podcasts, Herring holds court every day at The Stand 1 in his own inimitable fashion, sharing tales of yet another August in our fair city, interviewing another jobbing Fringe act, showcasing stand-up, giving away prizes and of course, gently tearing the arse out of anyone in the audience. It’s a straightforward format that works, and one that can at best feel both informal and intimate.

Today’s guest was legendary WWE wrestler Mick Foley, a relatively new face (and body) to comedy but understandably one with some impressive stories to tell. Despite admitting to no wrestling knowledge and having had just a cursory glance at Foley’s Wikipedia page, the two get on famously and the audience seem to genuinely enjoy watching their rapport. And there’s the appeal, really. Richard Herring knows his audience, they know him, and even if you don’t there’s still an hour of banter and Fringe-based nonsense to enjoy at RHEFP. (RHEFP!)