Edinburgh show list

Edinburgh shows

1) Old King Cole (1987) by Ken Campbell, played Faz. Oxford Theatre Group. Abbey Laird Theatre
2) The Seven Raymonds KMnO4 (1987) OTG. St Mary's Hall
3) The Oxford Revue – Waving at the Pigeons (1988) OTG St Mary's Hall
4) the dum show (1992) with Stewart Lee, Steve Coogan, Patrick Marber and Simon Munnery. Pleasance 2
5) Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World Live (1993) with Stewart Lee, Ronnie Ancona and Alistair Macgowan. Tom Baker on video. Pleasance 2
6) Ra Ra Rasputin (1993) with Ben Moor, Sally Phillips, Andrew Mackay and Claire De Vries. Pleasance Upstairs.
7) This Morning With Richard Not Judy (1994) with Stewart Lee and Sally Phillips. Pleasance Attic.
8) Richard Herring is Fat (1994) with Kevin Eldon and Sally Phillips. Pleasance Upstairs.
9) Richard Herring is All Man (1995) with Sally Phillips and Tom Binns. Pleasance Upstairs
10) Lee and Herring Live off of TV's Fist of Fun (1995) with Peter Bayhnham. Pleasance One
11) Lee and Herring Live (1996) Pleasance One
12) Punk's Not Dead (1996) with Paul Putner, Ewan Bailey, Jason Freeman and Paul Reynolds. Dir Jeremy Herrin. Pleasance Upstairs.
13) This Morning With Richard Not Judy II (1997) with Stewart Lee, Richard Thomas, Trevor Lock and Natalie Brandon. Pleasance Cabaret Bar
14) Excavating Rita (1997) with Paul Putner, Catherine Hood, Jason Freeman, Trevor Lock and Natalie Brandon. Pleasance Above.
15) Playing Hide and Seek With Jesus (1998) with Paul Putner, Emma Kennedy, Selina Boyack, Matthew Pidgeon, Amelia Curtis and Matt Wilkinson. Dir. Jeremy Herrin. Pleasance Above.
16) Lee and Herring (1998) George Square Theatre.
17) It's Not The End of the World (1999) with Paul Bown, Rebecca Lacey and Ruth Grey. Dir Jeremy Herrin. Pleasance One.
18) Christ on a Bike (2001) Dir Jeremy Herrin. Pleasance Dome
19) Talking Cock (2002) Dir Jeremy Herrin. Pleasance Above
20) The 12 Tasks of Hercules Terrace (2004) Dir Jeremy Herrin. Pod Deco
21) Someone Likes Yoghurt (2005) Pleasance Above
22) Ménage à un (2006) White Belly, Underbelly
23) Oh Fuck, I'm 40! (2007) White Belly, Underbelly
24) The Headmaster's Son (2008) White Belly, Underbelly
25) Collings and Herrin Podcast Live(2008) White Belly, Underbelly
26) Hitler Moustache[68] (2009) White Belly, Underbelly
27) Collings and Herrin Podcast Live[69] (2009) Belly Laugh, Underbelly
28) Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming (2010) The Ball Room Assembly Rooms
29) Collings and Herrin Podcast Live (2010) GRV Five Pound Fringe
30) As It Occurs To Me Live (2010) Ball Room Assembly Rooms
31) What Is Love, Anyway? (2011) Cow Barn, Underbelly
32) Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (2011) The Stand One
33) Talking Cock: The Second Coming (2012) Udderbelly
34) Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (2012) The Stand One
35) We're All Going To Die! (2013) Pleasance Beyond

36) Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (2013) Stand One

37) Me1 Vs Me2 Snooker (2013) Assembly 3

38) Lord of the Dance Settee (2014) George Sq Theatre

39) I Killed Rasputin (2014) George Sq Theatre

40) Oh Frig I'm 50 (2017) Pleasance One

41) Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (2017) New Town Theatre

42) RHLSTP (2019) New Town Theatre

43) RHLSTP (2022) Assembly Ball Room