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Monday 10th January 2022


I felt mildly worse today. Bit of a sore throat and cough in the night time and more tired during the day, but still easily the mildest of the many bugs Ive had this winter. I had a remote RHLSTP to record with the brilliant Laura Lexx and asked if she’d mind doing it at midday rather than the arranged 7.30pm, as I was pretty sure my energy levels would dip in the evening (I was 100% correct). 
I didn’t feel too bad, but I have to admit that I didn’t look great on camera. It was though the first RHLSTP I have done in my pyjamas (mainly because I only started wearing pyjamas recently). My brain isn’t at its sharpest, but we had an entertaining chat about Laura’s ace book, Taunton and masturbation (separate topics, though I am sure that someone is Taunton has wanked off whilst reading Klopp Actually). I was back in the hot seat six days after losing a bollock, so Covid wasn’t going to stop me (you know, unless it does). 
got a call from the NHS. Even though they had sent me a PCR test a couple of weeks ago because they considered me high risk from Covid, when I told the lady on the phone when I’d last had chemo, she said that I didn’t qualify for the bonus magic bullet pill that makes hospitalisation unlikely. I was cool with that, as things seem to be pretty easy for me and I’d feel bad taking the medicine from someone who really needed it. But then again am fully prepared to suddenly take a turn for the worse and regret being so cool about it. You guys put me on the list! Don’t then tell me I’m not eligible for something that you had offered me.
I think my immune system has bounced back though, so pretty sure it’s the right call.
So far everyone else remains Covid free and I know I should have buckled down with more work due to the likelihood of one or more of them joining me in quarantine before the week is up. But I didn’t try to do any writing and rested up this afternoon.  Again, probably the right call. I am definitely a bit more tired than usual. But tiredness is my normal state, so I guess that’s why I feel guilty.

Although I don’t feel anywhere as ill as I did after chemo (and even that wasn’t so bad), I did still get some human interaction. Given I spent all morning on Saturday with my son and that my daughter was at a party where it turns out there was two kids with Covid, it would surprise me if the isolation lasts very long. But I missed my kids enough to risk coming downstairs and to say hello to them from a doorway. They were more interested in their iPads and I am not sure they’ve noticed that I haven’t been around for a couple of days. But it was good to see them and much kudos to my wife for managing to do everything (including cooking my meals - apart from breakfast, which I made while she was on the school run) on her own. 
There wasn’t even anything in the wedding vows about looking after me in a global pandemic. I guess sickness and health covers it. In that I am sick, but basically healthy. Cancer felt like a con for me and so does Covid. 
But my guess is I might be looking after the rest of the family pretty soon. Or we’ll all just be looking after each other in the giant Petri dish of germs that we call home.

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