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Wednesday 12th January 2022


Ah, just when they’ve got the flat looking nice.
I know you shouldn’t joke about this stuff. I know that as much as anyone. I buried my parents on the day of that No 10 party. They weren’t dead and they managed to dig their way out and alert the authorities. All I’m saying is if the Prime Minister is allowed to get away with crimes, then so should I.
A lot of people were saying Johnson’s apology was the worst they’d ever heard. But be fair, it was his first time.
Boris Johnson clearly thinks the public are stupid and to a large extent he’s right about that. Will he slither off the hook, like the lying worm that he is? If Cummings can convince anyone that he drove 30 miles down country roads with his family in the car, to test whether his eyesight was good enough to drive on a motorway, then I think people will believe anything.
Is it too much to hope to live in a country where politicians are honest and where they attempt to do their best for the country, rather than for themselves and their mates? Is it too much to hope that in a democracy everyone’s votes should count and it takes more than half of us for a single party to get an 80 seat majority? I don’t really see any value in replacing Johnson - the whole system needs to be updated and be looking to the future. It’s very sad that the one big political move we’ve made in my lifetime was a backward looking one. Creating a modern democracy would cause the disruption of Brexit for sure, but at least it would be moving us forward.
Hold on, let me get back to the jokes.

I was tweeting about this stuff a lot today but I still got some work done. Until the evening I felt absolutely fine and I think I might just have been tired at that point because of dealing with my son’s 6pm cheekiness (you can set your watch by it). Remarkably the females of the house again tested negative. But none of us have anything like the signs of illness. Covid a hoax? I’d have to say so. 
Oh hold on, looks like I have a symptom. I’ve lost my fucking mind.

A surprise guest for RHLSTP, the legendary Peter Baynham

We’re live streaming Monday’s remote gigs on Twitch. Laura Jean Marsh and Grainne Maguire will be the guests. And I am doing another transatlantic interview on Wednesday with a surprise guest, but you’ll only find out about that one when it goes out in February.

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