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Friday 18th November 2022

Jesus Christ Qatar, I really need a beer if I’m going to let someone bum me!
It’s like they don’t understand football fans at all. If you weren’t expecting at least a drunken same sex blow job in the toilets you’d just watch the thing at home.
Disappointed to see that Budweiser are sponsoring this event, given all the human rights abuses. I am going to have start drinking it so that I can boycott it. Pray for me.

Twitter was juddering with the rumours and worries that everything might be about to shut down. I just hoped they could hold on for one more day. It’s be apt (for me) if it all ended on International Men’s Day. I am pretty sure it will stagger on and maybe survive all this, but think it might have been holed beneath the water. Even if the Titanic style safety system works in this case, there’s a danger that enough people will have left or give up on it, that it will be no longer be recognisable. We shall see. I will be there til the end, shouting the date of International Men’s Day on the deck as the thing goes down.
The worst thing about it all is that I might have to get back in contact with my actual friends again. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

I am doing a charity gig in the village tomorrow. It’s for the nursery where my kids don’t go, next door to the school that wouldn’t admit our kids because they had too many siblings in Phoebe’s year (to be fair it wasn’t their fault, but it’s still pretty big of me to do a gig for them!) I am trying to stick to my hasty lockdown vow to not do any material at post-Covid gigs that I did at pre-Covid ones and to be fair I have some new material, but I haven’t learned it yet and it’s about cancer. I am actually struggling to remember any of my old routines anyway, which isn’t a bad thing and today was able to knock together a few gags about local stuff. Weirdly the local stuff I did for the charity gig at the kids’ actual primary school will mostly not work here. That village is only 2 miles away and yet the gags wouldn’t travel that far. But it’s quite fun writing specific material that will only play for one audience on one night (or one night a year, if I continue to put these nights on). To be fair the last one in 2019 with Al Murray headlining and an almost unknown Jayde Adams being one of the supporting acts, was a phenomenal gig -and the one at the kids’ primary school made me keen to get back on stage too (though I haven’t really rushed back).

I was a bit distracted by the arrival of a new phone and my attempts to then transfer all the stuff from my old phone on to the new one. It went wrong a couple of times and I had to start again and then leave it to do its stuff when I went to bed. I was feeling quite anxious and sad and realised that it was only because of worry that I’d go down in the morning to see that the info hadn’t transferred again. Which was a pretty upper first world problem. Having realised that I slept OK, if a little tentatively.

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