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Friday 20th May 2022


Andrew Collings must be turning in his grave. After all the crap I gave him on the podcast about drinking oat milk, I’ve started using oat milk. He was right all along. It’s OK. I am starting to wonder if his mum was even a fucking idiot at all. RIP Andrew. I wish I could have told you in the living years.
It works well in a morning cappuccino - tastes a bit different to cow milk, but in a good way (unlike coconut milk which definitely doesn’t work). I’ve even used it to make porridge, which might seem a bit like oat overkill, but which is also fine. Embrace the oat.
After reading Matt Winning’s book I decided to start making more changes to my life and the easiest one to do (especially for a former vegetarian) is to cut back on animal produce. Cows with their farty bottoms and burpy mouths and their need for pasture-land  (even if it means chopping down rain-forests) seem to be the worse offenders to me, so I’m going to cut right back on beef and milk. It’s not a total embargo, but I am going to do my best to avoid beef and dairy (the latter is obviously a lot harder than the former). If everyone dropped their animal product intake by even 50% then that would make a big difference.
I am for now, just trying to make small shifts in my behaviour. Drinking oat milk and not eating beef burgers is a small price to pay (and of course it’s not enough on its own).
The other option is just to eat as much beef and milk products as possible before they become illegal. We can party for 20 years, having accepted it’s basically over or attempt to modify our behaviour so we’re still around in 2050. And when I say we’ll still be around in 2050, I very much mean you. Please God don’t punish me by making me live in the hot times.
So cutting down on cow based products is a small start - it seems that taking as few flights as possible might be the best thing we can do, but I don’t fly very much (I can’t remember the last time I was in a plane - maybe when we went on a family holiday she Ernie was a baby), so I am going to have to do a load of flying in the next 12 months so that I have something to cut down on from.
We don’t have a great deal of time to adjust our behaviour and sadly it’s a tiny percentage of people who are creating the most emissions and problems in this world, so we may need to rise up and overthrow capitalism if we want our kids to have any kind of life. That will take a bit more organisation or at least we will have to rely on the public finally being goaded into reaction, so for now I suggest looking at your daily life and working out where you can make a small difference. And then, when you’ve got your recycling sorted out - revolution.

Here's the latest newsletter with all the RHLSTP guest news PLUS I've made the decision to attempt a live Twitch of Fun on 13th June at the Phoenix. There will be a RHLSTP as well, but I will see how the puppets work live. It may be a once in a lifetime experience or it might be the start of something HUGE. Either way, you should move mountains to be there. The Phoenix is small so there are very limited tickets. If it goes well and sells well I will do another RHLSTP/TOF double bill on my last day of being 54, July 11th.
I am a bit nervous about bringing the antique puppets out of the house, but Ally, at least will be with me and up for some photo opportunities after, as long as you don't attempt to touch him. In which case he will murder you in your sleep.

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