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Tuesday 6th February 2024

Seen a few misquotes of the Dad's Army joke today as "Don't tell him your name Pike"
Very offensive to get it so wrong.
It was “Don’t tell him your name is Pike, Pike or he will know your name is Pike! Oh no, I’ve just realised that I have revealed your name is Pike, Pike. Apologies Pike.”

Pop Con. It's PC gone mad!
Is it a deliberate pun on "Popcorn"? If so it's really terrible and doesn't work, because it isn't close enough to sounding like popcorn and popcorn has nothing to do with what they're doing. If it isn't a deliberate pun then it's still terrible, because rather than making you think about what it is, it makes you wonder if it has something to do with popcorn. And all I can think it has to do with popcorn is that you might want to get some popcorn and do the Michael Jackson meme as you excitedly watch the whole thing implode.
Also seems a mistake to have the word "con" quite so prominently, though I am sure I cannot be the only one to point that out.
I suppose it's all better than saying Popular Conservatives, due to that not being a probable conceit, though I don't mind Kenneth Clarke so much.
Where's the popular front? He's over there. Splitter.

Not enough sleep between gig come down and 6 year old jump up, but somehow got through to the kids' bedtime feeling quite energetic (but dealing with the kids alone - Catie was gigging - finally took that away from me and I had to forgo snooker).
I took the kids to school, came back home, took Catie to the station for her day of work, took the dog to the vets to have her injections and then went into town to do a shop and complete a large transaction at the bank. Going out rather than coming in, alas. Large sums of money don't feel real to me. Which is a shame because they apparently do seem real to the people who lend them to me. And they seem quite insistent on not only getting their money back, but a load more money too. I chose the wrong job.

Very excited to reveal that Paul Heaton will be one of the guests at the Sheffield RHLSTP. Buy tickets here. It's already selling well, so don't delay!

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