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Thursday 4th August 2022


Twice round the Meadows today. Am I going to double my run every day I’m here at the Fringe? Have I learned nothing from the Ferrero Rochers?
Things are ticking along nicely. Kiri and Rachel from the All Killa No Filla podcast were my guests today and two safe pairs of hands. Audience numbers are a little bit low, but that seems to be pretty much across the board. It’s early days and the later shows in my run are selling a bit better.  And it’s all about quality, not quantity (though worked out today that if I sold out my landlord would be getting over £2 a ticket and as I am not selling out, they seem likely to get quite a bit more!
We went to see a couple of shows this evening, both with upcoming guests for RHLSTP. First up we saw Janeane Garofalo in a sauna hot Wine Bar at the Gilded Balloon. Perhaps surprisingly this legendary comedian and actor had not sold out, though a fair few fans were in to see this extraordinary show. It was disjointed and Janeane would fly off at tangents and get distracted by her own brain, but was full of laughs and weirdness and even though she had to run off stage halfway through an anecdote because her time was up, none of it mattered. She talked about being mistaken for a homeless person (and that’s happened to me a couple of times and it’s worse for me, because I’ve been mistaken for a homeless person by other homeless people) and had you not known who she was you might have thought a crazy lady had wandered in off the streets, but her freelance filibustering is too witty and interesting and (mainly) sane. It was a confusing and wonderful treat!
After that I went to the Pleasance to see tomorrow’s RHLSTP guest Conrad Koch, which combines ventriloquism with comedy about race. Conrad is South African and a big star in that country (at least his puppet Chester Missing is) and I was impressed by how well adapted his material was to a UK audience (which wasn’t always the case with Janeane, but it seemed sort of charming in her case). 
The show was in a new venue (to me at least), the Pleasance Bunker Three. I don’t know how they manage to knock up new spaces in these buildings after so many years, but it was an intimate box and you could hardly imagine Hitler dying in there at all.
Anyway, not sure I am going to see too many shows - but these two were fun and are recommended.

First guests for the Leicester Square Theatre run of RHLSTP announced
September 12th  Reece Shearsmith and Sally Phillips (selling fast)
September 19th Milo Mccabe aka Troy Hawke
September 26th Elis, Mike and Steff from Social Distance Sports Bar.

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