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Saturday 18th November 2023

The almond pancakes were pretty good. Given that there was only a bit of maple syrup in there they were very sweet.
Took another 45 seconds off my Park Run time this week, coming home in 26mins and 45 seconds (still a little way off my PB), but it felt easy and I enjoyed it, in spite of the rain. Powered by pancakes. I have been lucky to get three clear Saturdays in a row to do this, given Phoebe does football most Saturday mornings and I am on tour, but the tour played to my advantage as we were leaving for Chorley before the match finished, so Catie had to take the kids.
I have upped the exercise in the last month and am definitely feeling fitter, as evidenced by improving times.
Once home I had an hour to get showered and make my food for the next three meals and get today's stuff in thermos flasks, like some kind of obsessive lunatic would. But it worked out well and I got to Chorley Little Theatre having eaten lunch and dinner, which was lucky as, as usual, they had laid on a feast fit for at least 10 people. I managed to resist the temptation to eat any of it, even the Haribo. I have changed. Temporarily.
Again, a good test of my resolve though. Though it was easier to resist the Richard Herring Chorley cake that Ian and Estelle from the theatre had commissioned for me, filled with cheese and mango chutney. I did try one of these on another occasion, but tonight I gave it to a lucky audience member.
As always it's a delight to visit this theatre, run by dedicated comedy fans and the big venues could learn a lot about creating a relationship with acts and how little it takes to make them extremely grateful (basically some Haribo). It was a sold out show and a terrific crowd and guests Hayley Ellis and Tez Ilyas were great value.
For the second show RHLSTP became Lancashire's Stinkiest Town Podcast and I was able to quote from this Warming Up entry to prove it.
I also referenced the fastest ever walk out I've had, which also occurred in this theatre. The woman who'd walked out had been on a date with a fan (which didn't go well obvs) and tonight the same guy was tweeting that he had a spare ticket for tonight's show. I hope he eventually finds love and realises that liking me is not going to help in that regard.

Joining Ian Rankin at the Edinburgh RHLSTP on 2nd December is Marjolein Robertson. Tickets here

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