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Friday 17th November 2023

In 2023, podcasts aside, I have tried to be a bit of a (quite lazy) house husband. I've done almost no other writing for the first time in years and just chillaxed or rilled or cooked or tidied up a bit before getting overwhelmed and leaving things messier than before. Today I tried to get my wardrobe in order, but failed to chuck out any clothes -but at least got items grouped together- and then cooked some healthy meals. Catie is now also doing Zoe and though her blood scores are a bit better than mine [her gut balance is nowhere near as good as mine], we are more or less on the same scores for most things. So I made an aubergine and noodle dish for lunch and then in the afternoon knocked up a lentil curry  and had a go at making what was described at Life Changing Seeded Bread, which involved mixing together seeds, husks, nuts and oats and then leaving it for two hours and cooking it for another hour and something approaching bread crossed with a cereal bar emerged. It was incredibly filling, a little dense, but tasty and not entirely dissimilar to bread. More importantly it scored in the high 80s whilst most actual bread is 40 or below. 
You can view these in the Zoe app (don't think you have to join - there's loads of free podcasts and resources if you don't fancy splashing out - though I have to say it's been really worth the cost for me!). You don't have to go full husk bread for it to work either.
I am not sure what psyllium is, by the way, but got it through Amazon. It's getting somewhere when you're eating mystery stuff.  This is the kind of meal that Andrew Collings might even look askance at, as if you're a kook. But the seed and nut and veg heavy diet. Is it life-changing? I don't know yet. But if we've learned anything from Sliding Doors, it's that everything  is life-changing. Actually Sliding Doors tends to think that your life will tend towards the same thing regardless of small incidents [though admittedly Gwyneth is dead in one reality, which is pretty full on]
Tomorrow I am making pancakes for breakfast, mainly out of ground almonds. Sounds unhealthy but almonds are 100 for me so it's a sweet breakfast with a score of 87, which is just about as good as the ridiculous tuna fish stir fry I've been making most days. And I was doing that before Zoe. It is a great start to the day [and Zoe has encouraged me to add seeds to it, which are fucking great too]. That is your life-changing piece of info.
However much I try to fight the losing battle against my body falling apart, theres not much I can do for my brain. I have got to the age where I can't think of names or facts sometimes and am constantly losing stuff. I packed the car for tomorrow's Chorley gig and walked into the house and somehow in that 75 seconds I managed to lose the car key. I spent 30 minutes retracing my steps, looking under the car, walking up the road in case a car had hit it and knocked it along, interrogated the kids in case they had nicked it. It was absolutely impossible that it had just vanished. Eventually I found it in a pile of merch that I'd put on a shelf in the garage.
I am a fucking idiot.

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