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Friday 19th May 2023


I guess I’ll have to take 20,400 as a significant milestone. Happy birthday to me. If you do it by number of days then every day is your birthday.

I still haven’t got my brain back into work mode. I have recorded a lot of podcasts this year (and written a lot of blogs) and started work on stand up again, but not done much else. I tried to make a note of what I want to achieve this year and there wasn’t much on it. Or not much that was realistic. People seem to think I get a lot done, but I waste SO much time and am attempting to shift my life to 12 hours a day of playing UNO and online poker (dipping my toe back in, came 2nd in a 30+ person tourney tonight and won a sweet £100 - never mind the losses). But after a few months off I find myself desirous to get back into writing something. I do have a book commission (I think) but I haven’t made any progress with that. With my health almost back to normal and my snacking back under control, maybe it’s time to get my arse stuck to a chair and do some fucking work. It wasn’t today though. I had lots of admin things to do 

But no one can say I am wasting my time. This evening I did another stone clear for your entertainment. There were a lot of nettles in it.

Good to see the payoff to the RHLSTP chat with Reece about an Inside Number Nine on a bus pay off spectacularly on this week’s show (though I imagine the impact was greater if you watched it live). Sadly I watched it on iplayer, where you had to click Inside Number 9, so I knew it wasn’t an actual show (plus had unsurprisingly seen some spoilers on Twitter). I love the way Reece and Steve are allowed to mess around with TV, whilst still writing incredibly subtle and clever scripts. I will miss this show when it’s finished next week, but hope that they might one day do a special of the On The Buses idea, which I had been really looking forward to. Kudos to Robin Askwith for keeping his mouth shut about this one. Having met him, I know how hard it must have been for him to keep such a juicy secret.

Really enjoyed this chat with the truly brilliant Jon Ronson about his Audible series Debutante. Listen to the podcast here. And Debutante is free for Audible subscribers (which could be you if you use your free month’s membership and then leave!).

Badgers and Plussers. News of another booking for RHLSTP in your secret area. We're making slow progress with the bookings this time, but some great names in there already. It's a little bit make or break for the Leicester Square Theatre residency this time round, so do book for a show if you can. Tickets are cheaper if you book early. All shows here.

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