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Wednesday 4th May 2022


Two podcasts in the can before 11am. I started the day with a stone clear (this chapter also includes the failed podcast which was recorded from inside my pocket, which completists will want to listen to). And then at 10am I talked to author Katherine Rundell about her book Super Infinite (out on the 13th May). 
Also the snooker podcast and this week’s RHLSTP were up by then. I wonder what the world record for podcasts recorded in one day is. I should go for it. Though one 24 hour podcast is surely the goal.
I spent the afternoon trying to do a bit or reorganising. I attempted to collate all the instruction manuals in the house and get them into folders so I could find them easily, if required. I am not quite sure why I thought this was worth doing. It is very rare that I ever go back and check an instruction manual. It might have happened five times in the five years I’ve been in this house. And the fact that the instruction manuals were all stuffed into different drawers and folders all over the house is a testament to how little they are used. But it’s possibly still worth being organised, just in case the time comes when it’s vital to find one. 
The main part of the job was working out which manuals I still needed. There were a few for pieces of equipment that I don’t think I’ve owned for ten years. Some of these were neatly filed in lever arch folders from the last time I thought it was a good idea to organise my instruction manuals. They had lain there all those years without being referred to and the item they corresponded to had broken down or been replaced or become obsolete. It was like they’d been on death row, but had managed to avoid the recycling bin due to the legal process. Today they finally left the house.
This was in no way a waste of two hours and anyone who says it is is lying. I did at least get a bit more room in a couple of drawers.
I found an old airline loyalty card and as my son is forever messing with my wallet and stealing the cards to play with, I gave it to him. He thought it was a credit card (the idiot) and walked around the house saying he didn’t have to go to drama club tonight because he was rich now. Not only was this not a credit card, but credit cards do not come with a load of free money. He was just as impoverished as ever and was heading for a fall, showing off about his non-existent wealth like this. It was pretty ugly. I am just waiting for the moment that he tries to use it in a shop. He’s going to have to Anna Delvey his way out of that.
RHLSTP with journalist Samira Ahmed is up in all the usual places. 

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