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Saturday 7th May 2022


A slow and steady Park Run this morning (I did the first km in 5 mins, but then slowed down and took nearly 29 minutes to get round). Good to get out there again though. I’ve probably overdone it a bit with exercise this week, but I am keen to make the most of my returning energy levels. 
York City once again proved they are the greatest football team in the world by drawing with the club that was second bottom in the National League North and thus securing themselves fifth place in the table. If you can think of a more successful team then please let me know, but it’s hard to argue with facts. York are now in the play offs and only have to win three matches to gain promotion to the regular National League and from there they’re just four seasons away from securing promotion to the Premier League where they belong. It’s not that long ago that York gained promotion from the National League at the expense of Luton. And Luton are now in the play offs to get into the Premiership, so you know, dreams can come true. As long as you support thuggish cheats like horrible Luton Town. Some might say Luton have the last laugh, but I say that  York are just ramping things up so that eventually York will have the last laugh. It may take some time, but it will be worth it.
I guess some people are just winners. Hold on I am a winner. I am a House of Games Champion of Champions. Nothing is better than that.
The kids were being looked after elsewhere today and it’s a sign of how much I like them that I felt a bit sad to not be sharing the day with them. But they were back for bedtime and we had a little semi-sleepover where we all watched a film in our bed, which is a pretty good, if not rock and roll, way to spend a Saturday night. I was pretty wiped out by this stage - I’ve been doing all the early mornings this week and too much exercise, but we managed to stay up and watch this week’s Taskmaster before falling asleep. It’s a terrific line-up this time, even if I wish I was allowed to take part in every challenge. I would done well with the shoe one. Hard to call the winner of this series (I have found out the winner of the last two in advance annoyingly - and knew the winner of the one before that because I was there- but I don’t know who triumphs this time). Bridget is fabulous in it, both delightfully batty and fantastically proficient, which is a combo that we’ve rarely seen before and I think she will probably nick it. But Chris Ramsey is pretty focused on the win, I think and has a shot at it. But there’s no duffer on this series - even if Ardal has a little bit of Dougal in him, he could still win it and Judi and Sophie are fabulous, but Judi is too good at annoying Greg, which is highly entertaining, but might make it tough for her to win. What a fabulous show.
I hope this series never ends. Mainly so you will never get to see the Champion of Champions show.

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