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Wednesday 11th May 2022


Always a great start to the day when the dog has had diarrhoea on the kitchen floor. I am normally the first one down in the morning so it fell to me to do the honours. After that though, the day can only really get better. Unless I have diarrhoea on the kitchen floor. I didn’t. And anyone who says I did is lying. 
I just ended up feeling sorry for Wolfie who was looking a bit sheepish and sad out in the garden (whilst spraying the lawn with more runny dog shit).When you love someone then you don't mind dealing with their poo. So I guess I don't love Wolfie. This was horrible.
And there was drama later too, as a friend we’d had a BBQ with on Sunday has got Covid. It’s her third time and the second time this year and she still hasn’t got her taste back properly, so it’s pretty tough on her. I was feeling a bit run down and headachy, but then again I’d been up early cleaning up dog shit. I took my first test in ages. 
It was very nicely negative. 
I know Covid is over now and nobody dies from it (I am presuming as the media don’t seem to report on it anymore) but I still don’t want to get it again. I have been ill for enough of 2022.

Quite a productive day from someone who isn’t really supposed to be working. I went to the cafe at the gym and finished the copy edit of "Can I Have My Ball Back?” and sent it in. Then I set up a Twitter account called Impossible Questions from Kids @IQfromkids to see what kind of mad questions other parents have had from children, along the lines of “Do ghosts have bumholes?” I have been thinking that there might be a book in me attempting to provide definitive answers to these impossible questions, maybe with the help of experts, but largely relying on my own pedantry. 
Please follow and do add your own questions (and you’re welcome to try and answer too). I got some nice ones pretty quickly and amazingly within 10 minutes of setting up the account I got an email from a literary agent asking if I was thinking of doing it as a book and expressing interest. Which surely must be the record for a Twitter account leading to a possible book. But to be honest we’re a long way from that and for the moment it’s just there for people to add to and enjoy.
I wrote up a pitch document for a possible book anyway and then had a swim. And when I got home I wrote another pitch for an idea for a novel that I’ve been thinking about. Having really enjoyed writing the Problem With Men and appearing in that improvised film this year, I am thinking that books and move writing/improvising might be the way forward (with the usual ten podcasts a week obviously). But it would be cool to have a job that kept me close to the family for more of the time. 

Having already secured Ed Gamble for the Edinburgh RHLSTPs I have now got another phenomenal guest. If you’re a badger you can find out who in your secret area at Why not become a badger to be ahead of the curve for stuff like this? Your money goes towards making more content and you get lots of nice rewards and the chance to win a box of stuff every month. You can’t lose. Unless you don’t like my stuff, in which case becoming a badger would be a poor decision. But happy to take ironic subs.

And a really cracking RHLSTP released today, from the comic genius and lovely man, Armando Iannucci. Listen wherever you get your podcasts 

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