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Friday 13th May 2022


I took Ernie to his gym class and watched my wild and joyous boy pull off some amazing forward rolls and then leap in the air with delight at his success. I took him to Pizza Express after. This has become so regular that the waitress knows us and gives us the same table every time. The restaurant is so desperate for custom that it throws free stuff at you. I got dough balls and a cappuccino for free today and think I would have had a soft drink and a side as well if I wished. I felt guilty enough stealing from Ian Pizzaexpress, even though he wanted me to. I have mainly included this detail in the blog in case anyone claims I was doing anything illegal today. I was in Pizza Express in Harpenden.  And this blog proves it. So don’t listen to her. Or whoever says otherwise.
I was parenting solo today as Catie was in town doing her podcast. Phoebe wrote a bit more of Animalpocalypse.
I hadn’t had too much time to prepare for Twitch of Fun, but it was one of those where stuff spilled out of me without me really knowing what was coming. Aside from picking the news stories I had not really thought about what was going to happen and stumbled across some nice ideas. I especially enjoyed Terry my producer revealing he’d worked with all kinds of disgraced TV superstars who he’d have trouble getting to the studio because they were grunting in the dressing room. It was making me laugh because I hadn’t heard about this until it popped out of Terry’s mouth. Over the course of two or three more years of improvising this show I might actually come up with a decent half hour. I do love this project and think it’s definitely up there with the best things I’ve done, but it remains a very niche interest in terms of viewing and listening figures. Though I feel those that are on board are very strongly on board. Maybe it’s hard to come to after 60 episodes and work out what the Hell is going on, but that was probably true of the first episode too. Perhaps people think it is real, rather than a satire of a desperate hasbeen. Maybe it is real. But that’s what makes it good. Anyway, I enjoy it and that’s the main thing and it’s quite extraordinary how much of the material (and the characters) has appeared from nowhere, been incorporated, found their place or been discarded. 
We’ll get there one day.

A couple more fabulous names for the Edinburgh RHLSTPs Tim Key and Janeane Garofalo! Badgers, check your secret area or your email inbox for news of what dates those shows will be. The rest of you non-badge scum will have to wait (or book for all the shows to ensure you get your ticket before they’ve sold out.

I really enjoyed talking to Katherine Rundell about her brilliant book Super-Infinite, a biography of John Donne, for this week’s RHLSTP book club. You can listen here 

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