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Sunday 22nd May 2022


We’d had a couple of families over yesterday and one of them stayed overnight and the kids have been going make-up crazy. Catie kindly/stupidly lent them a bag of old make-up and they put it on each other, on us and in my son’s case, on the wall. He decorated a wall in the hall with lipstick, smearing it everywhere with his hands and like some crazy old caveman even put his own handprints everywhere. He insisted that the youngest kid in the house had done it all, which somehow nearly fooled us, despite the fact that she had no lipstick on her and he had it all over his top and (though he’d tried to wash it off) his hands. We had caught him red-handed.
Luckily it somehow more or less came off the wallpaper, though leaves a little suggestion of red to remind us of this weekend.
He’s his father’s son. I remember sneaking into my mum’s bedroom and using her lipstick to draw circles on my cheeks so I would look like a clown. I was 28 years old at the time. 
I wasn’t really. I was about 5. Even then I was desperate to break into comedy. Hopefully one day my dream will come true. 
This morning the girls decided they were going to use the adults as make-up models. The mums sensibly refused, but the dads went along with it and ended up looking more like victims of some awful crime than models, but I have to say Phoebe did a way better job of it than the last time she tried this. I was very orange, but at least each type of make-up was more or less on the part of the face that it was supposed to be on. 
Once our friends had gone we had thought about going out, but we were tired and the sun was shining so I mowed the lawn and we played football in the garden. It was a thrilling 10-9 win for Phoebe, though I’d come back from 9-7 down to nearly take it. Phoebe didn’t enjoy the victory as she felt that I had fallen over on purpose to allow her to score the winning goal. She was correct, but she would have been sad if I’d won too, so what can you do? She didn’t seem concerned that the goal she had to hit was a plastic slide of some size and the goal I had to hit was a wheelie bin. 
We were all pretty knackered by a weekend of high-jinx (and the kids stayed up past 9pm last night which is their latest bed time ever) and we were all in bed and asleep before it was dark outside.

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