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Monday 6th February 2023


I know the news is always relentless and depressing, but it seems especially relentless and depressing at the moment. I wish I had any feeling that things were going to improve.
But it’s not my job to wallow in death, disaster and assault - it’s my job to make you laugh and luckily there was much laughter at the Leicester Square Theatre tonight, much of it coming from me. I was light-headed and giddy and for once, not all that tired. I felt pretty giddy for most of it. I tried asking Timkey some Emergency Questions backstage and found the one I was reading so impossibly funny that I couldn’t get through it. I don’t think it would translate, but you will be able to watch me struggle my way through if you join Acast Plus or become a monthly badgers (we’re still posting the backstage interviews in your secret area badgers).
Lovely to see Josh Widdicombe again - it’s about nine years since he last did RHLSTP but of course he hasn’t aged a day. I’d enjoyed watching him and Nish on Hold the Front Page this morning and been listening to his audiobook with Rob Beckett. I didn’t even get on to discussing Hypothetical with James Acaster. These young(er) comics think that if they keep moving around and form different alliances that no one will notice that it’s all the same four people on TV all the time. Good luck to them though. As an older man I do wonder when they get the time to enjoy their lives (and money) when they are working so constantly, but as a comedian I also understand how difficult it is to turn down work in a profession where every job might be your last. I am perhaps lucky to get to dip my toe into that world every now and again and pick up a nice pay check and then get back to my stupid puppets. Might have been nice to have had some of that work in my 30s when I was single and had loads of time on my hand, but I did OK without it. And I guess got to enjoy some of my 30s as a result.
I’d dashed off another adventure for timkey the monkey - I remarked that it took less time to write than it did to perform, which I think is true. Tim Key was in fine form and it was a dream like chat that drifted through fact and fiction, comedy and more serious topics and moved at a distinctly Tim Key pace. It was another sold out show, which is good news, though there are still tickets for all the remaining shows at the Leicester Square Theatre. It really is a fantastic Monday night out, so book NOW.
Once again I had parked in North London, right by the tube and then jumped on a train and it was ridiculously efficient. It seems the car park is pretty empty after 4pm so that works well for me. And a 35 minute drive is so much easier than a 60-75 minute one. I have conquered London.

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