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Monday 13th November 2023

I reckon all the last 5 PMs should be in the cabinet, like an episode of Dr Who where all the incarnations turn up to help out. Imagine what a force that lot would be together! Don't stop at two.

Last London RHLSTP of 2023 and two great guests who have been on the show two or three times before, Ross Noble and Jon Ronson. Very good to see both of these men again and Ross turned up early so he could watch Jon's show which is always nice.
I'd listened to pretty much all of Jon's Things Fell Apart series on BBC Sounds. I had heard it before, but got hooked back in. It's really the pinnacle of podcasting. 
It also leaves you slightly pessimistic about the hope of logic and common sense versus stupidity and conspiracy and culture war, but we're all capable of playing our part in that.
It left me limited time to research Ross, but I was aware that I was unlikely to need much for him and so it proved.
But two men at the top of their games - Jon was witty, smart and interesting and Ross is just a comedic phenomenon. He reminded me of a weekend away that a few UK comics had had during the Melbourne festival in (I think) 2002 where we' rented out some accommodation outside of the city and had a BBQ and beer and played stupid games. His favourite, that I'd nearly forgotten was Cress Charades where we took it in turns to try and mime the latin names of weeds from a Book of Weeds that we'd found in the place we were staying. And in honour of that we played a round. Even though it isn't really an audio format. But that was the fun of it.
He was also hilariously honest about his time on The Apprentice Australia.
Ross is just fantastic at picking up the ball and running with it, whilst simultaneously taking the ball to pieces and rearranging it into every possible comedic shape. It's wonderful to watch and occasionally contribute. He involved a member of the audience who arrived to her seat as he came on stage and it was hilarious and inventive whilst remaining playful and inclusive.
Still a few more gigs in 2023 but this was a lovely end to the London gigs - four more in early 2024 and two of them are sold out, so BOOK NOW
Retro RHLSTP with Sarah Kendall is now up wherever you get your pods

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