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Monday 13th December 2004

OK, just to show how my perception of an event can differ from someone else's, here's an email I got today about the Zagreb gig.
"Hello R. !
I just finnished reading your article on your visit to Zagreb. Without beeing too polite, let me just say that I thought your stand up act in tiger lilly went realy well, as far as I'm concerned. That night was my first visit to tiger lilly comedy club and my first live stand up comedy experience ever. Your pranck on the 26th largest..... was realy goood and let me say for a "virgin stand up act viewer" me and my friends didn't notice that you realy felt like nobody understands you...actually we thought you were really cool, relaxed. we commented later that one could conclude you were a "stand up comedy educated person" meaning you did your school and presented yourself like a profesional on the stage unlike your croatian colegues! I guess it is all in the eye of the viewer....
Your second act was fantastic, especially the cock stuff. our table loughed our heads off...I tried to remember parts of your speach on your website questioneer, I thought that was hularious! Sorry you left Zagreb hungry, Croatia has really good mediteranean food, or you can always have 'cevapcici'! Next time if you decide to come here again, send me a mail, I'll take you out to eat!
Well, all I wanted to say is that, despit what you thought, you were realy good for those that understood you, ofcourse.To pepole in Zagreb, stand up comedy is quiet new, no clubs or bars feature this kind of show, and one must say thank you for taking your time and visiting!
Best of luck, servus

I think that at least demonstrates that there were some people in the audience who were pretty good at English. Plus I am going to get fed next time I go, so it's all looking up.

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