Metro column 7

20th March 2012 column

Metro column 6

13th March 2012

Metro column 5

6th March 2012

Metro column 4

28th February 2012

Metro column 3

From 21/2/12

Metro column 2

From 14th February 2012

Metro Column week 1

Published 7/2/12

Gary Sparrow's Paucity of Ambition

Article written for book

Edinburgh is Funny piece

My first and worst edinburghs

Article for the Times December 2010

My version of the Times piece that was published on 18/12/10

Gigglesbeat - A day in the life

I write about a boring day in my life November 2010

Independent diary piece - the newpaper version

Here's what they hacked it down to -

Independent diary piece

This is what I actually wrote before it was hacked to bits by the dumb- ass Independent

My rebuttal of Guardian piece 31/7/09

Unedited Times piece

And here it is without the jokes about wanking excised

Times piece about Edinburgh

Another piece about what the Fringe is like from the Times 25/7/09

Unpublished Mail on Sunday Article

Another Headmaster's Son bit that didn't get used.

Email interview

Interview with Tommy J Jones

Q article about Bill Hicks

Here's what I actually wrote for Q magazine, without the rather cheesy last bit that they added without telling me

Reader's Digest Article

A Headmaster's Son inspired piece for the perennial favourite of dentist's waiting rooms

Glad to be a bit gay article

Piece I wrote for the Guardian in 1999

Observer Playwright's Diary

An account of writing "It's Not The End of the World" from the Observer in 1999

Three Weeks Quick Quiz

I answer some questions for Three Weeks

Letter to the Guardian

I take credit for a joke on 28 05 08

My Favourite Londoner for Time Out

I choose Spring Heeled Jack as my favourite Londoner in Time Out Feb 08