The Twelve Tasks of Hercules Terrace - Press Release

Comedian Richard Herring is going through a mid-life crisis. Depressed and disorientated after having split up with his girlfriend, moved house and been stricken with writer's block, he resolves to take inspiration from the bust of Hercules that graces the front of his new home and perform twelve impossible or arduous labours in the hope of giving his 37 years on this planet some kind of meaning.

London News Review issue 4

Another one, but this time not taken from Warming Up

London News Review issue 3

Another re-written Warming Up

London News Review issue 2

Another re-written Warming Up

London News Review issue 1

Article re-written from Warming Up for LNR

Porn Memory for Arena Magazine

My first memory of seeing pornography

Diary Of a Penis


Long questionnaire for a gig in Brighton

Here is a long questionnaire that I completed for muy forhtcoming Britghton gigs. try and work out at which point I started to get bored.

Where I eat for "The Metro"

The Metro asked me where I eat. I rattled this off in 15 minutes.

�A Mind of Its Own � A cultural history of the penis� by David M.Friedman

A review of "A Mind of it's own" for the Erotic Review from around November 2002. This is a great book and was extremely useful research for my show.

Comedians piece for the stage by Richard Herring

A piece I wrote for the Stage in around September 2002 with an additional bit about Jon Thoday that got cut

The Flute of Love by Richard Herring

A Talking Cock tie in for the obscure intellectual's porno mag

Metro piece

A diary piece for the Edinburgh Metro written in August 2002

The Edinburgh Fringe by Richard Herring

Another Edinburgh piece but this time for the Mirror. From July 2002. Notice how I have a certain amount of things to say and how I just put them in a different order.

The Edinburgh Festival by Richard Herring

An obscure article I wrote for Monarch Airlines (who?) about the Edinburgh Fringe for their inflight magazine in July 2002

EDINBURGH DIARY by Richard K Herring, the playwright

Another Edinburgh piece - this time from 1997. The girl from the Britta advert left me a note in my pigeon hole at the Pleasance, but when I went up to say hi to her, she seemed a bit scared. May have been the beard.

Interview With Steven Moffat for the Guardian Guide

An interview for the Guardian guide with Stephen Moffat from whenever it was that Chalk came out. Both he and I were wrong about Chalk, the first episode turned out to be representative, though he has found commercial success with Friends.... I mean Couplings.

Review of Jean Anouilh's "Traveller Without Luggage" - by Richard Herring

I think this was for the Sunday Times. Some critics were putting on plays at the BAC so they sent actors and comics to review them. Stupid idea (both of them)

Men's Health - Things she must never know.

For a bit I wrote for Men's health (which is ironic). This is a piece I wrote about what women must never know. There are some funny bits. Got a bit mangled in the actual mag. This is what I sent them.

Men's Health - Will Power

Another piece for Men's Health from around about 97 I'm guessing

Men's Health - I'm not a real man because...

My final article for Men's Health before I got fed up with the crap way they sub edited my stuff so that the jokes didn't make sense!

Most Desirable Women

A top three list of my sexiest women in about 1996!

Esquire magazine - Bless and Blast

A piece for Esquire magazine from some years ago

What it will be like in the future by Lee and Herring

No idea where this if from or when we did it. This was my half of a joint article, I think