What I Know About Women - The Scotsman

Full unedited version of article hastily written for Scotch paper 14/08/06

Guardian - Shaggy Blog Story

I wrote part 5 of this story, written by a different comedian every day. Sure you can find the rest online if you can be arsed

Sunday Times -Kidult

Article from 29th July 2007

Sunday Times - Tempting Tattie

Here's a thing I wrote for the Sunday Times that they decided not to use

Observer Woman article 10/06/07

An article about my tummy that I wrote for the Observer

Article in Broadcast April/May 2007

An article I wrote for the industry magazine about writing YCCYF

Hec klerspray email interview

An interview with the website which beat me to the ask.com best arts and entertainment blog 2007

Email interview with artist Harry Pye

Harry is an interesting guy - check out his stuff if you get a chance. This is an email interview about double acts that I did with him for something he's doing in Northampton

Interview with Venue magazine

This is an email interview I did with the Bristol based listings magazine plus a bonus thing about what book I am reading for the Times. Also includes some stuff I wrote for a magazine about my Middle School

Time Out article for London run of menage a un

This is an article about stand up that I wrote for the London listings magazine

New Statesman full version

Here it is again with the excised paragraph reintroduced

New Statesman magazine - my week Feb 07

Me filling Julian Clary's slot in the New Statesman - a bit edited from my original


Another old blog for NS website

New Statesman Blog 4

Another rehashed blog for the NS website


New Statesman website 2/1/07


Blog for NS website 15/12/06


The first published blog for the New Statesman

New Statesman Blog 0

Unpublished blog for New Statesman website

Guardian Diary Piece

Hastily written diary bit for the Guardian 16/8/06

New Statesman Diary Piece

A hastily cobbled together diary for the posh-o magazine

Sunday Times Edinburgh recommends

The full draft of what I wrote for the Sunday Times

Broadcast July 2006

Another article for Broadcast

Yo Blair

A piece I wrote very quickly for the Times, which they ended up not using anyway

Email questionnaire for twoboysandtheiregos.com

Here's my answers to some questions set by James at twoboysandtheiregos.com