Piece for Total Film Magazine

This is a thing me and Stew wrote which I think was the first appearance of the extra final scene idea later employed in TMWRNJ

Internet questionairre about Warming Up

Questions answered for http://toerson.blogspot.com/

INtensive interview about comedy for Rough Guide to British Cult Comedy

A journalist asked me to complete his questionairre. I am nSome in depth questions about comedy and my answers

Another Email interview

An email interview - questions set by Luke Eliott

Email Interview

Interview with D Shannon

Longer version of my Stewart Lee article

I originally wrote 800 words on Stewart, then had to cut it down to 600. This is the full version.

Lee and Herring's views upon each other in the Sunday Times

Article from the Sunday Times 7/8/2005 - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,176-1719511_2,00.html

Broadcast article number 2

My second article for Broadcast - about the Edinburgh TV Festival

Time Out piece about Edinburgh

The usual piece about what the Edinburgh Fringe is like for Time Out July 2005

Complaint letter and my response

A letter from complaint from someone who saw my gig in Battersea - plus my response

Questionnaire for www.mindthegag.com

Some questions answered for an internet fan site

Bit for the Times about Edinburgh

The usual piece in which a paper asks you what is so good about Edinburgh. This is what I wrote. Don't know what they will use.

Questionaire for Time Out

My full answers to a Time Out interview, only a part of which appears in the magazine for the week 23rd June 2005

Article for Broadcast Magazine

My thought on TV executives!

A Night on Earth

A true story written for a forthcoming publication about stories from nights around the world

Press Release Draft 1

Press Release for Someone Likes Yoghurt. My guess is there may be some changes to this.

Guardian Article 28/4/05

Final draft of article on hand washing

Guardian article 28/4/05

Draft 1 of article about handwashing

Scotsman Questionnaire

A 450 word Q&A thing I've done for the Scotsman.

Full list of answers for Guardian Questionnaire

Here are all the answers I gave for the Guardian questionnaire

Unpublished article for the Evening Standard

An article I wrote about my 50 dates experience that was not salacious enough for the Standard

Observer Summer Books

Here's what I said when I was asked what I was reading this summer

London News Review

A so far never printed article written for the currently defunt magazine

Internet Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire I filled in quickly for some rubbish website or other

Comedian Vows To Kill Loch Ness Monster - Press Release

Comedian Richard Herring, star of BBC2’s Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard Not Judy and creator of the internationally successful one-man show Talking Cock, has controversially claimed that he will slaughter the Loch Ness Monster by the end of April 2004.