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Richard Herring - Edinburgh Fringe

Hello all Gearing up for Edinburgh and there's a couple of bits of news that I wanted you to be the first to know. You can find out how to see live self-playing snooker and get hold of the 10 DVD even if you don't come to the Fringe.

Richard Herring - July news

Hello all Apologies - a ghost in the machine just sent out the PS to my last newsletter for a second time. I have had the people responsible sacked. And then murdered. But it reminded me to get you up to speed with what's coming up in July and beyond WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!

June PS

Like some kind of idiot I forgot to include the link to me discussing the free DVD offer - It's all explained there Sorry for clogging your inbox xxxx

Richard Herring - June news

Hi everyone The summer is approaching and here's what's coming up. Quite a lot to get through. Bear with me RICHARD HERRING"S LEICESTER SQUARE PODCAST The Sony Award winning (bronze is 3 times better than gold, right?) podcast returns for a new series of six episodes.

Talking C*ck- Extra London date

Just a quickie to say that an extra date has been added to the Talking C*ck tour on Sunday May 26th at 7.45pm in London's Regent Park Open Air Theatre. There are lots of tickets to sell, so if you haven't seen the show then come along and if you have and enjoyed it then please recommend it to your friends.

Richard Herring - May news

Hello everyone The tour is nearly over and Edinburgh is on the horizon as we edge ever closer to death. Let's enjoy our lives while we can. Here's what I'm up to.

April newsletter - important PS

Sorry forgot to mention I am trying to get the new Edinburgh Fringe programme ready in time for all the previews, so have set up another justgiving page for those generous and vain souls who want to see their name in print.

Richard Herring - April news

Hello everyone Is that sunshine? Maybe it's spring. A time when a young man's fancy turns to the Edinburgh Fringe. I had a good April. RHLSTP and Fist of Fun series 2 both won Chortle awards, so thanks for voting for them! Here's what's coming up imminently....

Richard Herring news - March 2013

Hi everyone, The Talking C*ck tour is under way and there's a new podcast for you to listen to. Here's everything that's going on at the moment TALKING C*CK TOUR Only 50 more opportunities to see this seminal (in both senses) show.

February Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of 2013 How's it going for you so far? Really, that's interesting. Well enough about you. Here's what I am doing? TALKING C*CK TOUR My national tour recommences towards the end of February.

Richard Herring - Christmas Extra!

Hi all Struggling for Christmas ideas for your gran/partner/parent/child/sibling/friend/enemy/pet Here's some ideas for you - WARMING UP VOLUME II The second collection of my Warming Up blogs is now available as a book and as a kindle e-book.

December News

Ho Ho Ho It's Chriiiiissssttmmaass. And what Jesus came to Earth to teach us was that it's time to eat, drink and buy loads of stuff so that we can better remember the poor and the hungry. I think that's what he said. But he definitely said, "Buy ye the DVDs of the Herring" Ian 12:11. So if you want him to have a happy birthday then do as I say.

November PS

Hi all Just to let you know that after a little wrangling with BBC compliance and a three minor cuts for editorial reasons, Fist of Fun series 2 is now available exclusively from Go Faster Stripe. It's packed with extras and fills four discs and it's the perfect Christmas gift for someone who likes Fist of Fun. Get it here - http://www.

Richard Herring - November news

Dear All The ghosts and goblins are abed for another year and now we look forward to celebrating the failure to blow up the Houses of Parliament (or are we celebrating the attempt?). Here's what's going on for me in November.

October News

Hello all Hope you had a good September. I mainly rested and got drunk. But now it's time to get back to work.

September News

Hi everyone I am finally back home in Shepherd's Bush after six months of displacement. The Edinburgh Fringe was a tough slog as usual and audience numbers were down a little (though I think up for the podcast), but I was pleased with the way both shows turned out and they were favourably reviewed.

DVD release

Hi all Just a quickie to let you know that the brilliant idiots at Go Faster Stripe have just released the DVD of my last show "What is Love, Anyway?".

Richard Herring - August News

Hey everyone The Edinburgh Fringe is almost upon us and I am really looking forward to both my shows. I hope this stupid King of Edinburgh thing doesn't persist this year. I still don't know how that got started.

Richard Herring - July news

Hello everyone I am about to turn 45 (can it really be five years since THAT show) and I am feeling alive. Here's what's coming up in the next couple of months EDINBURGH FRINGE It's the 25th anniversary of my first Edinburgh Fringe.

Richard Herring - June News

Hello, nice and sunny isn't it? Hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend. Here's the stuff that I will be doing over the next month or so. EDINBURGH 2012 Screw the Queen, how many Fringe shows has she done? ZERO!

Richard Herring - May News Extra

Hi Just a quickie to mention a couple of things TALKING C*CK - the book The wonderful idiots at Go Faster Stripe have paid to have 3000 copies of my 2003 book "Talking C*ck" printed up. It's another bold and expensive move from the Welsh misfits, so it would be lovely if you bought a copy.

Richard Herring - May News

Hello all Sorry ladies, gay men and straight men and lesbians who still wanted to marry me - I am now married. The wedding day was really joyful and wonderful and so far being hitched has been plain sailing. In fact, it's pimpsy.

April news PS

Hi all Just a couple of extra bits and bobs TALKING C*CK CHARITY PROGRAMME FUND If you want to get your name in this year's Edinburgh and tour programme AND receive a signed, limited edition programme delivered to your door at no extra cost - with all profits going to SCOPE, then please donate at least £1

April News

Hello all Hope you're enjoying the Spring sunshine. My big news this month is that I am getting married on 7th April. I am not selling tickets to this event, however! But here's the stuff I am trying to flog in order to pay for this expensive celebration of love.

February/March News

Hello everyone. Hope 2012 is treating you well. I am busy with my tour and planning a wedding. Didn't you hear? I am getting married to my first wife in April. Woo hoo. Anyway, just thought I'd keep you up to date with the latest developments. WHAT IS LOVE, ANYWAY?
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